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  1. shyramarie

    Why New Thread Of Mine No Show As New Post

    yesterday i add new threads but no surface on "New Post"? i don't understand if do something wrong PLEASE HELP
  2. E

    Why is he being like this?

    So there is this boy and me and him have been somewhat 'on and off' for a while. I told him that I liked him a few months back and the other night I asked him if he liked me at all and he said yes, which you would think was a good thing- but no. The day after he told me this I found out that the...
  3. L

    Advice needed - very confused!

    I started talking to a boy back in January who is at my Uni and we got very close for a time. He gave me strong signals that he liked me – messaging me first, talking 24/7 and even kissing my forehead after a night out. I took the initiative to ask him out and he turned me down. That’s fine...
  4. Chocoholique

    I Think I May Have A Rival.

    This slightly worries me. I have this friend who is close, funnily enough she and her boyfriend were the reason why my boyfriend had the courage to ask me out. I feel like she loves attention and craves it when it is currently not on her. She directs the topic onto herself by murmuring a few...