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  1. S

    Too many clothes and did't know what to do...

    Hi girls, Today I'm gonna talk about something I believe most of us struggle with, having too many clothes that you don't wear anymore. During this lockdown, I have considered all the space these clothes take from my closet and the fact that I don't have close to me any organisation to who...
  2. D

    The Best Jeans

    Hi!! How are you? I have recently bought some wonderful pairs of pants that fit me very well, honestly the quality is awesome and I love them, they are called Sweet Look, they are amazing!! The problem is I bought these jeans in a store when I went on vacation to Los Angeles and I don't know...
  3. Courtney Mary

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to forums like this but I am in need of fashion advice, please message me if you can help and are a fashionista! Thank you (if you have read it) Courtney Mary xo