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  1. S

    I need advice! please help a fellow girl out!

    So I've been dating this guy for a few weeks now, we've talked for months before and he asked me out and I said yes. The problem is I have a really really strict family. I told my mom who lives 18 hours away from me already and surprisingly she was okay with it, so she's not really my problem at...
  2. F

    Need Help- Urgent

    So last night I was on the phone to my boyfriend, I had booked a train ticket to come and see him at work as a surprise and take him to dinner. However, I reminded him that it was his sisters birthday and he explained that they were going out to dinner so I had to tell him the surprise as it...
  3. H

    My boyfriend uses Badoo! I don't know what to do.

    So, hello, As the title says, my boyfriend uses Badoo. He's used Tinder before, and Badoo many times. I caught him because I knew something was off, so I checked his PC only to find this Badoo website he's been visiting (as for Tinder, a friend told me she saw him there). Got over the Tinder...
  4. M

    24 and never had a boyfriend before

    I feel super sad because men seem to never show interest in me. I've never dated. I've never been asked out before, barely hit on or approached. I've never even had a guy ask for my number before or say that he wants my number. I have been hearing the phrase that 'one day the right guy will...
  5. F

    What Are Some Things I Can Do To Stop My Mom From Being Judgmental

    Hello Everyone, I'm Val 19 years old, I'm African-American and also latina but in my family we identify as African-American.. she doesn't like her Latino Side, so anyway, my bf is 26 which is Legal Obviously (Also Hispanic), he's gorgeous he's nice, shy and has a good personality to him...
  6. missuniverse

    pathetic gurl who desperately needs advice!!!!!

    Okay I rlly need advice. Soooo first a lil context (skip it if u dont care im probably way to dramatic so yeah dont judge me) ... i am in the fourth grade of high school, after this year i will be going to university. Since the first week of school, i kind of might have fallen in love with...
  7. a.girl.who.loves.dogs

    boyfriend friends with girl he used to get nudes from and obsessed over him, should I be uncomfortable?

    hey everyone, I just wanted to probe your guys' minds about a particular issue of mine I am having with my current boyfriend... so the issue goes like this: my boyfriend has this friend of his that prior to our relationship he would receive a fair amount of nudes from (that he would accept...
  8. L

    Need Advice!!

    So there is a really long back story to this but I do need some advice. I'll give the gist of the story without typing a novel. Basically I have known this guy for about 3 years now. (we'll call him T). We met while in our second year of university. I started seeing my current boyfriend...
  9. A

    Boyfriends & Awkward Encounters

    My boyfriend and I are in college and we're in a pretty new relationship (almost 3 weeks in, although we were seeing each other for about 2 months). He's a great guy. He's had a tough life growing up and I understand where a lot of his reasoning comes from. Today we were grabbing lunch on...
  10. Melissa8052

    How should I respond?

    Not sure if this is the right thread... I've been dating a guy for roughly two months. He's nice and we have a lot in common. The other day at our gym he participated in a grappling class. He's 33, around 165lbs and 5'10. During the practice matched he was matched up against a boy who was 12...
  11. Jadepolly

    Obsessed with having a boyfriend

    Hey everyone, Basically I am new so I'm excited to see how I can interact with everyone, but I want to address an issue I have been having for quite a long time. Basically I am 23 in a few months and I am single. I know that sounds fine, but what's the issue is that I'm obsessed about it. My...
  12. J

    When Do You Know?

    hi peoples,... would like to know, when would you know that the person you are dating is husband/bf material???? and if you're like me,.... don't like to propose, let the guy decide????
  13. S

    Boyfriend doesnt invite me

    hi girls, I have a bf and we are together for 15 months now. But i have a problem i can't share with him. My bf is the type of person that likes to go to parties and hang with his friends a lot. I am the complete opposite. Ofc I like parties and hanging with my friends but I dont do all that as...
  14. Sodapop

    Bisexual boyfriend

    So my boyfriend told me that he is bisexual. I've always thought of myself as an open minded person, but I must admit that it's bothering me that he may fall for a guy. I keep telling myself that it's nothing to worry about, him being attracted to both sexes does not mean that everyone turns him...