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  1. A


  2. L

    Identify the wingman

    Hey Ladies, There's a guy in my Japanese-class I really like. One day when I headed home and went out of the building he stood at the entrance with his friend, who was smoking (It's a university-class so don't worry, he's not a minor. I didn't really pay attention and since the door was rather...
  3. 4

    Am I Alone in this?

    I've been dating my boyfriend for six months. I'm religious and therefore typically say no to premarital sex. Except, when I met my boyfriend I fell in love with him and I wanted to share my whole self with him. However, time passed and I told him that I wanted to put the sex on hold for a...
  4. D

    Pls help

    Hi so I’m really embarrassed to even be writing this but idk what to do. So today I had unprotected sex and it only lasted like 10 seconds before he came. He pulled out and came outside but I’m still scared that I’m gonna get pregnant. Also it was my first time but I don’t think he broke my...
  5. T

    Stuck in toxic relationship

    Hello! The title said everything, I am stuck in a toxic relationship and already left him 2 times... but I went back to him. It is a really long story, he hurt me, he broke me, he betrayed me, he lied to me, he manipulated me and I still keep forgiving him and love him. It is like I have...
  6. H

    Should I text him after a break

    So let me introduce the situation first. During this crazy pandemic period I met a guy online. It was the weirdest and the most passionate conversation I've ever had with anyone. We've been talking mostly on Snapchat and it had a lot of ups and downs. Not gonna lie it felt like being in a...
  7. sandy brady

    SkinCare Channel

    Hey gurlies :) As you some of you know, am a skincare fanatic, recently I started a YT channel to share my tips and what I have learned with girls I know, just friends and relatives. Wanted to put it here if anybody would like to check it out :) https : // www ...
  8. E

    Isn't normal when a 26-year-old girl never into a relationship?

    There are a great number of my friends never into a relationship. Oh, yes, I have to say that I am my friend. There are some heartbeat moments when I wan a teenager, but it's just a split second, and it wouldn't last. I am a little regretful but I don't think it's a big deal. But with time goes...
  9. T

    Pee on thighs

    Ok so maybe a bit tmi but when I pee a few drops of pee always end up on my inner thighs recently, I don't think its ever been a problem until recently. I'm quite obsessed with hygiene so its been stressing me out and I can't even wear skirts because I'm scared that I'm gonna get pee particles...
  10. L

    Does he actually care about me or was he just interested in the sex?

    So I talked to this army guy from my state for like 3-4 months while he was in AIT and we planned on seeing each other when he got done with it. Well, that didn’t happen to his leave didn’t get approved so he didn’t come home. Anyways, he just came home recently and we hung out for four days out...
  11. H

    My boyfriend uses Badoo! I don't know what to do.

    So, hello, As the title says, my boyfriend uses Badoo. He's used Tinder before, and Badoo many times. I caught him because I knew something was off, so I checked his PC only to find this Badoo website he's been visiting (as for Tinder, a friend told me she saw him there). Got over the Tinder...
  12. J

    How do I get my oblivious boyfriend to listen to me?

    Please I need answers desperately.
  13. mskia1990

    Hello, This Question Is For Open Minded Ladies Only, How Can I Get My Mom To Stop Being Judgemental?

    Hi Girls, I unfortunately have a problem with my mom, i'm in my late 20's my bf is in his mid 20's and she apparently does not like him because of his Race/Ethnicity:mad:. I'm An African-American Female, He's Latino(Mexican Or Salvadoran) and he has done nothing to my family, i love him a lot...
  14. E

    Yeast infection?

    Hey so, I was worried about my vagina hurting and itching quite a bit especially at night so I did a little research and found out I most likely had a yeast infection I’m not gonna lie I don’t have the greatest sex education program at my school so I had heard about this but didn’t really know...
  15. A

    Help talking to a guy I like

    Context: I’m 19 and I’ve never been in a relationship or talked to boys too much. I’m prettt introverted but I’m starting to get out more. So my friend has an ex coworker who we hang out (party) with in a small group sometimes. Friday night I went out with my friend (let’s call her Liz), this...
  16. missuniverse

    pathetic gurl who desperately needs advice!!!!!

    Okay I rlly need advice. Soooo first a lil context (skip it if u dont care im probably way to dramatic so yeah dont judge me) ... i am in the fourth grade of high school, after this year i will be going to university. Since the first week of school, i kind of might have fallen in love with...
  17. D

    Should I take the risk of falling in love with him?

    This guy just came into my life all of a sudden and out of nowhere. I just happen to pass by a certain post on my social media account and I left a comment that expressed my opinion on the topic. This guy decided to contradict me and replied a contrary opinion on my comment. We exchanged some...
  18. shimamia

    Is Wearing Off The Shoulder Or Tank Top At Work Place Too Much?

    i work as a assistant engineer and my code dress at my work place is casual as long as its not to much exposing the skin. I once wore an off shoulder top and tank top but I wore it with a jacket. But, I just got know mostly of the guy at the production department called me an easy woman due to...
  19. A

    Boyfriends & Awkward Encounters

    My boyfriend and I are in college and we're in a pretty new relationship (almost 3 weeks in, although we were seeing each other for about 2 months). He's a great guy. He's had a tough life growing up and I understand where a lot of his reasoning comes from. Today we were grabbing lunch on...
  20. E

    A guy keep teasing and asking me to see a movie with him

    Hey everyone, There's a guy who keep asking me to see a movie together. It started when he suddenly asked if I have boyfriend and I say no because I am afraid to like or to love someone (I didnt say the reason. I just said "no"). So I keep rejecting him because I'm afraid that he's just taking...