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  1. ShyMJ

    Do you have any favorite book series?

    I adore Jack Kerouac. He's a bit difficult to read but really interesting. Just real life and thoughts presented in wonderous way.
  2. ShyMJ

    What are you doing?

    Nah, I have no problems falling asleep. Thing is that I still have things to do and can't drop them now. :rolleyes:
  3. ShyMJ

    What are you doing?

    I'm just in the middle of wanting to go to sleep... o_O
  4. ShyMJ

    Would you go in a burning building to say a pet?

    I'd risked if I knew for sure where is the creature and how to get there safely. Though if the whole place was on fire... I'd convince the fireman to help out and serch for a pet, mabe rashed in to trigger them if they don't want to cooperate... It'd be heartbraking to let the poor thing to burn...
  5. ShyMJ

    disney princesses

    Mulan. She's real fighter, rides a horse like a racer, she has a dragon and still is beautiful and tender.
  6. ShyMJ

    What's your morning routine?

    The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is exercising and taking a cold shower. It allows me to feel full of energy all day long. My breakfast should be not very hard for my stomach so I prefer eating a banana and drinking some juice. After that, I brush my teeth (I use only natural...
  7. ShyMJ

    ur favourite websites!! :D

    I like the appotatos blog. This is a blog about the latest apps for Android and IOS. I've found a lot of useful stuff there. Not only the entertaining apps but those that can really come in handy. As for other websites, I use Facebook and Instagram mostly.
  8. ShyMJ

    How to make hair stay straight?

    Most of the straightening brushes are suitable for all types of hair. But curly hair needs a special tool for straightening.There are also some tips for longer effect after straightening. For example, you can cover your hair with special oil. It can be used with straightening brush or iron.