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    Self confidence

    Being a failure is the common problem with everyone, I have also a failure fr so many times. I couldn't completed my graduation, I always a backseat person in whole school time. You should try to do different because some of people live free and stay free, in your whole life try something new...
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    What should I do?

    You anxieties is right this this person, you feel insecure when you met with someone although he is unknown. When you feel he is insecure OR fake person don't go him for meet. PUBG is a game not a secure way, he can cheat with you about anything. As the last one this is that Its depend on...
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    Best way to lose weight quickly.

    Just maintain your diet and exercise that will definitely impact on your health.
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    I'd like to gain weight

    I read this thread and all the friends have nice tips posted here, I think you may take my opnion as you want for different idea. You should intake fatty foods, and eat meal 5 to 6 time in a day. Sleep more whenever you can sleep. Take milk, banana and more fatty thing.
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    My best friend is so gross .What would you do?

    A cool person don;t think more and you are a medical student you care more for health. Because you are a medical student so you know better about right and wrong. You should clearly discuss with him that you will never get problems.
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    Oily hair...

    Oily scalp is a result of excessive oil production by the sweat glands. The main symptom of oily hair is that the scalp appears greasy in a day or two after washing. The hair starts looking dirty, dull and stringy. There are chances of experiencing itching and development of dandruff. The...
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    New Short Hair Style

    Long and strength hairs looks pretty like you.
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    Last film you watched?

    I recently watched stranger things on netflix. Season 3 is remaining, will completed soon.
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    How does it feel to work abroad?

    It is very good decision for your son, gradually your son will learn all the things.
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    What do u think

    Play games now a days very common in kids and youngsters. I don't like play games in mobile, lapy and other. i play cricket with friends, journey, movies and a lot other activity with friends
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    Bollywood Films

    I recently watch Akshay Kumar kesari movie, and salman khan bharat movie. Both are awesome, URI the surgical strike movie is very awesome.
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    What's your favorite T.V. show?

    Now Netflix shows are very Interesting and great.
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    Last film you watched?

    I watched last movie avenger end game, spider man. very nice movies