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    I feel so ugly!

    So I think I am very ugly and unattractive, deep down I know pretty doesn’t really have a complete cookie cutter idea but I can’t help feeling disgusting. Are there any tips you could give on making myself more pretty but also just feeling more confident in my own skin! The photo is me
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    Relationship Survey!

    Are you single or taken?- single Have you ever had a celebrity crush?- sort of Have you ever been in love?- yes Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?- no Have you ever had two crushes at once?-yes Are you attracted to the opposite gender, the same gender, or both?-both Have you ever...
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    Yeast infection?

    Hey so, I was worried about my vagina hurting and itching quite a bit especially at night so I did a little research and found out I most likely had a yeast infection I’m not gonna lie I don’t have the greatest sex education program at my school so I had heard about this but didn’t really know...
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    How Does My Dress Look?

    Love it for a daytime look, but I would agree with the others if you wanted it for night time, maybe a darker blue denim jacket or a leather jacket. Keep It classy❣️
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    About me

    So hi, I am a 13 year old girl from England and I have many intrests. I absolutely love the performing arts and I do lots of drama, contemporary dance (although I would love to try more stiles) and singing. I also really enjoy gymnastics, trampolining and acrobatics even though I don’t formally...