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  1. farheenrk12

    Latest movie seen

    Aladdin it was so good!
  2. farheenrk12


    How would you feel if your best friend wore the same dress as you to prom?
  3. farheenrk12

    what you will wear when you date?

    Simple flowy dress with cute heels and a side bag
  4. farheenrk12

    How Does My Dress Look?

    beautiful dress... red so suits you :)
  5. farheenrk12

    Describe Your Style

    casual style, girly style, cant be bothered im tired style :D
  6. farheenrk12

    Must haves in a girl's wardrobe!

    black or white tops - they can go with anything. Plazzo pants, skinny jeans, fluffy jumpers
  7. farheenrk12

    How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

    journal - write about things, draw or take photos. research new things
  8. farheenrk12

    what is your night routine? - normal day

    . Get changed into comfortable clothes . Remove my makeup . Shower/freshen up . Have dinner . Watch netflix/ go on social media . Facial and hygiene routine . Journal/ pray . Bedtime
  9. farheenrk12

    Hey Girlies xx

    Hey Girls, I'm Farheen and im from London. Im a girl thats described as friendly positive and inspirational and i enjoy photography, journaling, art and music and im interested in health , nature and social issues and i always insist on never giving up and keeping my head up high no matter what...
  10. farheenrk12

    What's your favorite T.V. show?

    american horror story, riverdale, pretty little liars, you, black mirror
  11. farheenrk12

    What's your religion?

    i am muslim and im proud :)
  12. farheenrk12

    Best way to lose weight quickly.

    walking a lot and i walk a lot and i have this app on my phone called "stepz" which measures the amount of steps that i take and it is then converted to the amount of calories that ive lost. i would suggest you to drink a lot of water and also drinking green tea can be beneficial. Try...
  13. farheenrk12

    Would you buy non-branded items?

    i don't really buy non branded items but i would buy it if the quality is good
  14. farheenrk12

    Fashion Clothing

    Fashion is just a way of expressing your characteristics and personality and it is a way of just being you, fashion is subjective and people may have different perspectives and they may perceive it differently but fashion is totally decided and chosen by yourself as everyone has their own unique...
  15. farheenrk12

    Do you support abortion?

    I disagree with abortion, abortion is morally wrong and it undergoes many ethical issues and it isn't convenient at all and it does create a lot of psychological and mental issues and it has a huge impact amongst people in society. It is a womens body, a womens morals, a womens life and it is a...