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  1. Rhonda333

    Need help finding a decent workout legging!

    I know your pain dear. I went to India and had hip/butt implants to bring my lower body in proportion to my torso. Suddenly I was a 16 down below and had to send my companion out on an emergency pants buying mission. I get by now by buying a 16 or an 18 pants and having the waistband shortened...
  2. Rhonda333

    Describe Your Style

    I like a LBD like what I wearing. Also partial to black hose and of course stilettos.
  3. Rhonda333

    So, I liked guys

    I certainly agree and now I'm much more guarded when I'm out with somebody. Its only with the girls that I allow myself the freedom to drink more. I should also say that girls in general accept people like me as one of them. although taking a different path to womanhood. I so value their company...
  4. Rhonda333

    Hello all!

    And I welcome you too dear.
  5. Rhonda333

    So, I liked guys

    He had every indication I was a girl and I was not about to tell him different. And remember I had never been out on a date so I was completely naive. Later, when we talked about what happened, Mother spoke very much like you are- that I didn't resist his advances. It was an education.
  6. Rhonda333

    So, I liked guys

    At the time neither one of us was sure of my gender orientation. I had never been out on a date male or female. I was attracted to girls but probably because I wanted to be one of them.
  7. Rhonda333

    Bras, fastened in front or back?

    You must be really gifted Christine.
  8. Rhonda333

    So, I liked guys

    I had a complicated gender identity growing up as you can imagine. I was attracted to both boys and girls although for different reasons I found out later. When I was 16, Mother sent me to a teen dance. I wore a flirty little skirt and a low cut top with a push up bra. Mother knew exactly what...
  9. Rhonda333

    I need help x)

    Move on ailime. All these women, who have greater experience in the world, are urging you to dump this guy and move on.
  10. Rhonda333

    Could Immodest Dressing Encourage Or Tempt A Sexual Predator To Rape a Person?

    When I' m on a construction job I wear very conservative business attire- a suit, skirt and heels. I usually get a number of catcalls- both complimentary and vulgar from the trades working the job site. I can well understand how this can develop to a full blown attack and I have been frightened...
  11. Rhonda333

    Bras, fastened in front or back?

    Every now and then I forgo the bra because its more comfortable- despite my nipples sticking out. However, the bounce gets to me. Specially going down stairs the bounce bothers me. Anybody else troubled by that- or do you just put up with it.
  12. Rhonda333

    I need help x)

    No, you're certainly not "in love". You have never met or even talked with this guy. Maybe infatuation with the idea of being in love. By your own admission, you always pick losers. This is just another one. Move on.
  13. Rhonda333

    Advice Needed

    A 17 year old has no business dating a 30 year old.
  14. Rhonda333

    Self confidence

    You do something new dear. If you can't have your dream job, have another dream and go after that. Confidence is built by one success on top of another. I'm transgender and that takes an enormous amount of self confidence to succeed in a new gender.
  15. Rhonda333

    hey guys! i have an important question

    Good reason why they are called "tramp stamp"
  16. Rhonda333

    Need Answer For Something..... Confused

    Three people living together should share the expenses equally- specially if all 3 are working. However, the household chores should also be divided equally with everybody contributing.
  17. Rhonda333


    Well Divya- you're in charge of the way your life is going. Not the other way around.
  18. Rhonda333


    well you have a bunch of candidates here Divya. Whats your problem?
  19. Rhonda333

    Please tell me if I’m being an over dramatic hoe

    One thing you could do is to join his fitness class. It would be a good start for many reasons. Otherwise he may not be attracted to a slug.
  20. Rhonda333

    Safety tips for girls while traveling alone

    carry a handgun. I run cross country alone in the mornings and I always have Mr Ruger with me in a fanny pack. The great equalizer girls- when you can't carry a cop with you.