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    Do you wear makeup at most times?

    I'm old I must! Atleast foundation and powder. Sometimes I will wear a lipstick or stain and if I am going out to an event/party/get together then I will do eyeshadow.
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    Fashion Advice: Over the knee boots! HELP!

    a simple bright colored dress or knee length skirt and blouse, make sure it is to the knee so it doesn't appear too short. More flowy than bodycon fitting.
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    High Heels.

    It really depends on your height. I wear a short heel or flats most of the time (1 inch or shorter) due to my age, I used to wear higher. My daughter works in the business world and dresses business casual-professional every day. She is short and can get away with tall heels so hers average...
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    Check Out This Trend!

    Oh that is something my granddaughter would love!
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    Weird problem

    Try shirts that aren't as fitted (shape wise) and aren't as low cut. :) It should help make them not appear as big and be easier for them to fit.
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    Add to Your Accessories!

    Oh I haven't worn a choker in years! They can definitely be just the thing you need for so many outfits.
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    Which color of dress do you like best?

    Black! It helps with my figure. :)
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    Dark Spots Solutions

    I have found that natural products tend to work better for removing redness and dark spots than toxic ones, just based off my experience. Let us know what product you use and how it works for you!
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    exfoliating on sensitive skin

    Try using a powder based scrub! I had the same problem and switched to ora's amazing herbal face powder scrub and add water to it. it's all natural i found that its not as coarse but still does the job. also you may need to put a face oil on after to help sooth and condition the skin.
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    softer feet

    I use a mix of salve and body butter then put socks on, super soft! (currently using oras amazing herbal for both but i've used vaseline and b&bw and others as well in the past)
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    Acne Problems?

    I don't really get breakouts but I use Ora's Amazing Herbal Rejuvi-Cleanse Daily Exfoliating Powder Face Mask and Cleanser to keep the occasional ones away and keep my face fresh.
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    How do I hide bad dandruff

    scrub hard and rinse well to get as much out as possible then brush the top with a comb and don't go super close to the roots so you don't scratch more up. I have to do this whenever my scalp gets sunburned and starts peeling.