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    About me

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    Hi :)

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    I think one of the causes is when a person has low self-esteem and a poor body image (where they don't like themselves). They think they're ugly, fat, etc. and they need to lose weight in order to feel pretty. But even when they've lost weight, it's never enough. They still think they're fat...
  4. Christinegirl

    Hair removal

    After you take a shower, I would recommend rubbing conditioner on your skin where the hair is. Then gently let the water run over your skin (to rinse off any excess conditioner). Then air dry or pat dry with a towel. (Or maybe soak in a bathtub with some conditioner in the water, then pat dry...
  5. Christinegirl

    How To Stretch Out Shoes To Not Get Blisters?

    If you have the kind of shoe that you can put water in (for example, sandals), I'd try to put a dry sponge or even crumpled up newspaper inside the shoe and pack it in. Then add the water so the sponge material or newspaper expands. Leave it overnight, then remove the material and dry the...
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    Birthday gift

    I just thought it was good advice for any birthday gift. :)
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    It wouldn't bother me too much. A lot would have to do with what her intentions were. If she just had the same taste as I did, I'd say something like: "Great minds think alike" and "We both have excellent taste." :)
  9. Christinegirl

    Birthday gift

    A T-shirt with the person's favorite band/musician/composer is a good birthday gift for someone, too.
  10. Christinegirl

    Hi guys

    I'm fine, Kristina. Welcome to Girls Forum.
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  12. Christinegirl

    I need advices!

    It's understandable that you'd be cautious, because you don't want to get hurt. Even though it sounds like you definitely have a crush on the younger brother, I'd take things slow; just be friends (even if you get to go out on a date with him), don't let him do things like kiss you or put his...
  13. Christinegirl

    So, I liked guys

    You had been drinking. So you were under the influence of a mind-altering drug. You weren't in your full mental faculties. It wasn't your fault. Alcohol, especially, lowers our inhibitions (and a lot of guys know this. That's why they offer to take us out to dinner and they/and the waiter...
  14. Christinegirl

    Why is Barbie poorly dressed nowadays?

    It's possible. But all consumers have a say in the styles that Barbie wears. As an interested consumer/customer, I would recommend contacting Mattel and letting them know. The consumer ultimately has the final say. If we're not happy (and we don't buy their product), they'll go out of...
  15. Christinegirl


    It seems like he likes you. Whether it's as a friend or something more, only time will tell. If he does like you as something more than a friend, I hope he stays nice and treats you well. Good luck. :)
  16. Christinegirl

    I need advices!

    It sounds like the younger brother immediately liked you, too (as well as the older brother). Only you can answer whether you love him but I think you definitely admire him (and possibly have a crush on him). I hope you get to spend more time with him and I hope he turns out to be a good guy. :)
  17. Christinegirl

    So, I liked guys

    A guy can be blind-folded and put before an overweight (straight) male with man-boobs. If the guy puts his hands on the man's chest, he can get an erection because he thinks he's feeling up a woman. (It's been tested.) :D Hon, you had boobs. That's all a guy cares about (in that moment)...
  18. Christinegirl

    What Are Some Things I Can Do To Stop My Mom From Being Judgmental

    I think it's very difficult to change a person's mind-set when they're prejudiced. You could introduce your boyfriend to your mom but if she's already judged him before she's even met him, anything good that he says or does may not change her mind. I'd try to avoid being with your mom and...
  19. Christinegirl

    Help talking to a guy I like

    If he doesn't ask you after awhile, I'd ask him out (especially as you get the vibe that he’s the kinda guy that wants the girl to ask him out. Though if he does, I hope it's not because he only wants to go out with someone if she'll pay for the food, drinks, etc.) Hopefully he'll enjoy being...
  20. Christinegirl

    So, I liked guys

    Your Mom knew what she was doing? Did she know boys would possibly just use you (and not respect you aka just try to get you drunk and take advantage of you)? You deserved to have someone treat you with respect, not get you half naked. There's nothing wrong with wearing sexy clothes...