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  1. Z

    Help, not sure what to do

    Talk to him. It’s ok for him to watch porn but that shouldn’t affect your sex. I suggest you start watching porn and masterbating as well
  2. Z

    Is any one else sad that Liam and Danielle broke up?

    Yeah but it’s ok, I ship Ziam more ❤️
  3. Z

    Read and tell me your opinion

    So... I’m in love with one direction and they are a part of my life rn. But some kids at school make fun of one direction. Can you tell me your opinion on one direction and what I should do with those kids??
  4. Z

    Do you move your Skirt up or down to use the toilet?

    When I wear a skirt I always pull it down
  5. Z


    Heyyy, so I’m 18 and I started masterbating a month ago. I haven’t told anyone and I’m kinda afraid if something is going to change with my body. It would really help if you would tell me a few things I should know or ways to do it better bc I feel like I’m lost! Ty for your time!
  6. Z

    He cheated

    We’ve been dating for half a year and my best friend told me that she saw him with another girl being VERY close to each other. Then, she asked the girl and she said that they are dating for a week! What should I do? I want to break up with him but I don’t know if I can bc I think I’m in love...
  7. Z


    I think you should talk to him and if that doesnt work i suggest you guys have a threesome so you can see what the other person does better
  8. Z

    Help? :(

    You deserve so much better! Why would this girl lie to you? Find another man that makes you happy and dont give your ex another chance. Exes are exes for a reason.
  9. Z

    Advice Needed

    You are too young to be with him. He has a wife and a kid. You have your whole life in front of you. But if you want to be with him, tell him to wear a condom. Ruining the mood is better than being pregnant at 17 with a 30+ year old that has a family. Think about it!
  10. Z

    Best friend problem

    Me and my best friend are really close but lately shes been acting weird. She is more harsh and less funny and i feel like shes jealous of me. Yesterday i tried to talk to her and she said that she has problems at home and that her parents are always fighting. What should I do?
  11. Z

    Help meee!!!

    I have a crush on a guy from my school for over six months. I think he also likes me bc everytime we are in the same room he stares at me and he follows a lot of the same pages that i follow on instagram. A couple months ago he asked a girl out but she turned him down. Yesterday, we were in a...