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  1. Twobitgirl

    Hello from a new Member

    Nice to meet you, Sarah! Did you know the name Sarah means 'Princess'? Glad to have you on the forums, enjoy yourself here!
  2. Twobitgirl

    Street harassment

    Exactly. Stay off the street and stick close to your parents. Hopefully the scum will leave you alone if you're with an adult.
  3. Twobitgirl

    Sex on first date

    Like they say, you can't undo it now. But in my opinion it's not a good idea to have sex after so short a time. If all you want is sex then I guess you've accomplished your goal, but if you want something more; something that'll last a long time, I'd say it's no way to gain lasting respect or...
  4. Twobitgirl

    How common is it that lots of girls in college are crazy about a guy ONLY because of his looks?

    I've seen it happen but not so much since school. In the real world things are a lot different in my experience. Sure, girls zoom in on guys they think are cute but it doesn't have much substance for going the distance. I guess some girls are only after something quick and fleeting. It's kind of...
  5. Twobitgirl

    how to be pretty

    Pretty is so much in how you present yourself. If you have confidence in yourself it shows. Don't let anyone see that you're uncertain or self-conscious; that's not what you want your identity to be about. Be you, own it, love it, and others will too. Not every guy responds to the same things so...
  6. Twobitgirl

    What is fashion?

    Fashion is something so fabulous it makes others ask you where you got your ensemble. I wear some styles from the '80s (which I can pick up for a song at thrift stores) with a tweak or two of my own to make them unique. Be the trendsetter and let the others follow.
  7. Twobitgirl

    What do you think about guys who sagging their pants like that?

    I'm not a fan of it. I always thought it looked absurd. Clothes that fit are always more appealing to me, and I'd rather see clothes hugging the body than have their underwear hanging out of their pants.
  8. Twobitgirl

    I Hate Him But I Like Him

    Maybe you fight like a married couple because you have a genuine rapport and comfort level with each other. Some guys use insults as a form of flirting. Think about why you're attracted to him; is it because of his personality, chemistry or is it something like a badboy attraction. If it's the...
  9. Twobitgirl

    Washing Hair on Your Head

    I do it every day when I'm working, and often a second time when I get home because I can get very messy during the day. When I have a day or two off I can let it go a little longer.
  10. Twobitgirl

    Do you wear makeup at most times?

    I wear makeup but just enough to highlight. I don't like too much because it makes me feel saturated. I do use mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, with eyeliner on some occasions.
  11. Twobitgirl

    Self Introduction

    Hi Zora and welcome to Girls Forum. I really love your pink hair! It's so pretty!
  12. Twobitgirl

    Going to the loo in lesson time.

    When you gotta go you gotta go. It's better to let them go to the loo than make a mess in the classroom. It's not going to hurt anything to let a child relieve his/her self, and it might help them concentrate more on the lesson.
  13. Twobitgirl


    Doing fine! Glad you came to join us here. It's a pleasure meeting you!
  14. Twobitgirl


    Hi, it's nice to have you here! It's always nice to see new faces on the forums. Welcome!!
  15. Twobitgirl

    Thoughts on flu shots?

    I get a flu shot almost every year. On one of the few exceptions I got nuked by a flu right at Christmas and it wasn't pleasant. I generally recommend getting one, but I'm not a mother and I don't know if there's a limit on giving shots to children of a certain age. If a doctor says it's okay...
  16. Twobitgirl

    attracted to older guys

    In general I'd be against dating anyone over 21 if I was a minor. There are exceptions to every rule of course; it could simply be a matter of two people of different age who make an emotional connection despite their differences. It's entirely possible so I wouldn't write it off under a blanket...
  17. Twobitgirl

    The Either\Or Game

    Spring. Summer or Fall?
  18. Twobitgirl

    would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you?

    You're right of course. And I don't condone cheating at all. The reason I say I'd be willing to listen to his explanation is that some things, no matter how cut and dried they may appear, can have a reason. I'm not saying it's always (or ever) a good reason, but communication is never a bad...
  19. Twobitgirl

    would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you?

    As a rule, I think cheating is lower than whale poop. If I was married and my husband cheated on me I'd give him a chance to explain himself honestly. If he came clean and admitted to making a mistake, I'd try to take that into consideration, even though it would take a long time for that kind...
  20. Twobitgirl

    The Either\Or Game

    I prefer tea just for enjoyment, especially green tea. Coffee is my go-to utility pick-me-up. But for this question my official answer is tea. Zip-line or surfing?