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  1. J

    Last film you watched?

    Captain Marvel
  2. J

    What song makes you cry.

    Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely great songs from Backstreet Boys.
  3. J

    Rate this guy

    5/10 is great score for him.
  4. J

    One Direction Anyone? (:

    I loved their songs. My favorite songs of One Direction is Whats makes you beautiful, Live While We Young and One thing. All these three songs are my favorite.
  5. J

    Youtube channels

    Whenever i started my channel i will told you. :)
  6. J

    Your Favourite YouTubers

    Danisnotonfire and jacksgap both are my favorite.
  7. J

    Removing My Dark Circles

    Take the eight hours of proper sleep and you will surely see the effective results of getting rid from the dark circles.
  8. J

    I feel so ugly!

    Who told you that you are not pretty? I looked at your photo and i am damn sure that you are pretty, gorgeous and beautiful in your school/high school or College.
  9. J

    Help me with Acne

    Use the Turmeric face pack to get rid from the acne. I also try the Turmeric face pack for removing the acne from face. Hope it is helpful for you.
  10. J

    I wear too much black?

    I love black. Black is not just a color, but it is a emotion.
  11. J

    What things do you buy on Internet?

    I buy the clothes online, other accessories like jewellery, cosmetics, power bank, headphones, grocery shopping etc.
  12. J

    Ponytails - yes or no?

    Just be yourself and if you look good in pony tails, then go for it.
  13. J

    Can Kim Kardashian Fight?

    Naah she can't fight. Why would she fight.
  14. J

    Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson?

    Both are hot. I love both.
  15. J

    What's your opinion about Keanu Reeves?

    Great actor, producer, director and i love him and watching his movies.
  16. J

    Jennifer Aniston Or Angelina Jolie?

    Jennifer Aniston is amazing.
  17. J

    Is there anyone who can play?

    i love to play guitar, but i am a beginner in playing the guitar.
  18. J

    How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

    Listening to music and watching various TV shows episodes.
  19. J

    Who likes Country Music?♥

    I am in love with the country songs.
  20. J

    What Are You Listening To?

    Selena Gomez