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  1. LaurenTaylor

    Hi everyone!

    Happy new year
  2. LaurenTaylor

    My boyf and a bra.

    Hiya girls xx My boyf said to be last night he is going to a party but the theme is to dress as the opposite genders. He bought everything apart from a bra. We decided that he should just get a comfort bra due to the fact it stretches and it is cheap in poundland haha. My problem is knowing his...
  3. LaurenTaylor

    Ponytails - yes or no?

    It's your hair, do what you want as no one can tell you different. But you could try it then decide after as what's the worst that could happen. Hope it goes well.
  4. LaurenTaylor

    How Many Shoes Do You Own?

    18 pairs, funny cause the boyf says I have too many when he trips over them but I need them for different reasons lol
  5. LaurenTaylor

    Hairdresser, in the UK. Have a cute boyf. Have two cats.

    Hairdresser, in the UK. Have a cute boyf. Have two cats.
  6. LaurenTaylor

    Where can I find cheap but good quality tights.

    Hi girls My problem is when I look around shops and online I can't find tights which are affordable but I know they will be good quality. My boyf who has no experience in this area says all are the same but we all know they are not PLEASE HELP!!!
  7. LaurenTaylor

    Stronger than my boyfriend

    Maybe try tennis with him as this is something he does or let him outpace you at his running so he feels like he is really good at something. Maybe?
  8. LaurenTaylor

    on a bus....

    I think the guy might have been a bit drunk too, you never know. He was definitely taking advantage from what you can describe but from what you described, you had fun and that is what matters.:)
  9. LaurenTaylor

    So who's your dream guy?

    He does not exist yet, he is beyond what any guy could ever be!
  10. LaurenTaylor

    Happy in life with my boyf

    Happy in life with my boyf
  11. LaurenTaylor

    Funny ringtones

    I was playing with my phone the other day and I was talking to someone over Facebook messenger. Anyway they were saying about different ringtones, I had a look and found the preset ones on my phone but I would like to know where are the funny ringtones you can recognise? This would be a great...
  12. LaurenTaylor

    Hey girls !

    Hi, Sarah is a great name!
  13. LaurenTaylor

    I Seem To Be Disliked

    They ain't religious if they don't give out the love to all.
  14. LaurenTaylor

    I know, I am probably being boring....

    He probably loves you but he might have a heavy workload. You could risk it or to see one night you could dress up in party clothes and see if he is impressed?
  15. LaurenTaylor

    The origin of luxury fashion

    I think the single brand holds the luxury as that is shown as more exclusive and less people would have that item. A piece of clothing made in Italy should cost more as everything is made is China for cost efficiency.
  16. LaurenTaylor

    Anybody else obsessed with dresses and skirts?

    I have a whole collection at home!!!
  17. LaurenTaylor

    My shoes problem

    I don't have a problem like that but when I wear some shoes once or twice my feet really ache so I have to put the shoes right at the back of my closet and my boyfriend complains. Haha
  18. LaurenTaylor

    What Does Girl Power Mean To You?

    Girl power is the freedom of women and that we don't need some man to provide for us and we can use our talents such as makeup and clothing to our advantages. :)
  19. LaurenTaylor

    I cut hair in my job so I'll try to keep a track of interesting stories to tell.

    I cut hair in my job so I'll try to keep a track of interesting stories to tell.
  20. LaurenTaylor

    Lauren here

    Hi girls I am a hairdresser and I am open to messages from people and helping each other and discussing topics and generally having fun. Xx