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  1. sandy brady

    What's going on with this guy?

    unprofessional af! leave him
  2. sandy brady

    Shoe dangle- a flirt?

    Ah I deffo think it doesnt matter anymore. quiet frankly am tired of knowing peoples sexuality and their body parts. I fully dont care who has what body part and i dont think people think its a matter to consider anymore. Plus most men admire trans women. it takes guts and thats respected
  3. sandy brady

    Bikini Waxing

    so update... I now love it. I bought my own wax heater and hard wax. I do it myself. hurts like a bi*ch but then i think deffo worth it. tried butt crack wax myself a week ago. am in love. its acc so nice. If you can push through the first 1-4 waxes it gets much much easier
  4. sandy brady

    pathetic gurl who desperately needs advice!!!!!

    awwwwwww this is acc cute. bless you. I think if u like him then ask him out. its a simple yes or no and its your final year so if he says no then pffft his loss. If you dont like taking the lead u can let it go , but i think men like bold women so u go for it girl xx
  5. sandy brady

    Why hasnt he texted back?

    unlike previous advice. I DONT think you should message him. 1) if you dont know this him in person, he may not be who he says he is . 2) you can get sexually transmitted diseases from oral sex. 3) he seems either confused on what he wants or he found better. I spend 6/7 days with men in my...
  6. sandy brady

    Shoe dangle- a flirt?

    OMG LOLOLOLOL I love this . deffo get to know him better. Plus I dont think the facts matter to people anymore , beauty is beauty so gurl u got THIS
  7. sandy brady

    Shoe dangle- a flirt?

    I wish i HAD!!!! i have since got a bf and long distance so I havent tested it !
  8. sandy brady

    He picks is dad over me .....

    i understand ur bf s need to stick to his dad. HOWEVER!!!!!! he should be respectful of you ,afterall u are in this relationship together and he should be caring of ur emotions as well as his own. so i d say sit them down. speak about the issues and try to fix them. if all fails, i dont see the...
  9. sandy brady

    Pretty Little Liars

    please do not get me started . I cannot stand this series , waste of 8 years of my life! If you wanna see why head over to my youtube channel Satelinaa
  10. sandy brady

    I need help with my husband.

    Damn this sounds shaddyyyyy, literally am sorry but i have no advice , i ll think it over and try to help
  11. sandy brady

    OMG. worlds most beautiful shoe

    i call it happy shoes lol having said that i do think the cost is a bit too much
  12. sandy brady

    Mixed race commercials on TV

    yes it seems SOOOO over done. i was watching the walkind dead and noticed this too. its irritating af. like am all for mixed race couples but chill out and dont force it. I dont particularly think it has any effect but its annoying when i ship one couple and they kill that couple to promote...
  13. sandy brady

    OMG. worlds most beautiful shoe

    ah work life sounds gooooooood. its good to treat urself every so often . shoes are what makes us happy lol
  14. sandy brady

    I'm transgendered

    am sure u v mentioned that somewhere on one of the forumes. Either way ur outfit is to die for ! swag
  15. sandy brady

    Anyone here ever been to a nude beach?

    I literally love this, wish i had the guts !!!
  16. sandy brady

    Tummy Tuck Surgery

    i dont recommend any sort of knife procedures because its a risk not worth taking. do daily ab excercises . there s a guy called billybootcamp on youtube , his vids are old but they are FIREEEEEE for the stomach( speaking from experience)
  17. sandy brady

    How much should I weigh?

    although i agree that everyone is diff. I do believe u should weigh about 8 stone for ur height. before anyone says that am encouraging weight loss, hear me out. being heavier than 8 stone for ur height means the body has more to carry. it can cause serious complications and could lead to worse...
  18. sandy brady

    Razor bumps!!

    waxing is great. it hurts at first but u get used to it. dont shave if its already irritated. let it heal completely. continue using the oils but i also recommend an anticeptic creme like Sudocreme
  19. sandy brady

    Get rid of Pimple

    I second Elamaria with the aspirin thing. Also if u want a proper skin care routine there s nothing better than Kbeauty . cleanse twice in the morning and twice at night. hydrate af . and use baking soda wash ( if u have breakouts) . for the pimples , if they have puss use pimple patches. I...
  20. sandy brady

    A very long one-sided love (maybe)

    i dont think ur in love with this man. ur drawn to him because maybe he s cool. distance urself. focus on improving ur relationship with ur bf. aso its not cheating to think someone is amazing.