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  1. Rhonda333

    Living together; no job; mental health issues

    He doesn't have much money because he does not work. Unemployment is the lowest its ever been. Every business in town is crying for help. There is no reason for him to not work except that he is lazy. No doubt he expects to sponge off you when you graduate and start making money. That plus he is...
  2. Rhonda333

    This dress ok for a winter occasion?

    yes, I bought those too.
  3. Rhonda333


    I'd get over it dear and make new friends. Start with the new girl.
  4. Rhonda333

    How do I get my oblivious boyfriend to listen to me?

    Try wearing something sexy. That should get his attention.
  5. Rhonda333

    How many of your girls grill

    well it is a "no fat" method of cooking.
  6. Rhonda333

    Bras, fastened in front or back?

    I use the Charlene method myself. My arms don't bend that way either.
  7. Rhonda333

    I feel so ugly!

    I wish I was as pretty as you Eliz.
  8. Rhonda333

    Hello, This Question Is For Open Minded Ladies Only, How Can I Get My Mom To Stop Being Judgemental?

    well first off, mixing races is bad business. You will offend many people in both races. A child that results will bear the prejudice for his whole life. Your mother knows this from her life experience and she is trying to shield you from the hurt. I would fix it by breaking off with him and...
  9. Rhonda333

    Whats your dress size?

    I really envy you girls and your size.
  10. Rhonda333

    Thinking about Spring clothes

    all good suggestions. I thought about a neck scarf the same color as the nude heels/
  11. Rhonda333

    How Does My Dress Look?

    Its a nice dressy dress. Why would you top it with casual denim jacket?
  12. Rhonda333

    How Does My Dress Look?

    I t hink i t looks just fine. I don't like the blue sweater. Suggest black sweater and black heels.
  13. Rhonda333

    Thinking about Spring clothes

    My gosh, thank you dear.
  14. Rhonda333

    I am new to this forum...

    Hi Melo and welcome. Tell us all about you.
  15. Rhonda333

    Thinking about Spring clothes

    Thank you Minah. The color is the same as my eyes- always a nice touch.
  16. Rhonda333

    Warm And Stylish

    I finally bought a mink jacket and it is truly wonderful and warm. Of course I had to buy a mink hat to go with it,
  17. Rhonda333

    Hi dear and thanks for the comment. I know I'm just a shoe nut.

    Hi dear and thanks for the comment. I know I'm just a shoe nut.
  18. Rhonda333

    Thoughts on Kim Kardashian?

    I think she is trash.
  19. Rhonda333

    Thinking about Spring clothes

    maybe like these/