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  1. Redgirl

    how do i get him?

    If it were me, I'd write him a note or a text (if you have his number or email), or even a hand written note you can put somewhere that you know he'll see it. The idea is to engage him in a simple conversation to clear up a few things between you. Invite him to meet with you one-on-one in some...
  2. Redgirl

    how do i get him?

    I hate it when they travel in packs. It makes it so difficult to be natural and strike up an intelligent convo. And guys are always different in groups than they are by themselves. Does he dislike you? I mean, if he's accused you of stalking him, was that a joke or just showing off to his...
  3. Redgirl

    Is age a big deal??

    Unless you're really young, like in your teens, I don't see any problem with it. Lots of people hit it off despite age gaps. My parents are 10 years apart and they're very happy. Chemistry doesn't go by age limitations. If it's there it's there.
  4. Redgirl

    Hi there

    Hello right back to ya! Welcome and have fun here! ;)
  5. Redgirl

    Hi There

    I didn't know there was a special holiday or anything. Shouldn't we all get cake or something? :p
  6. Redgirl

    Holiday bikini worry! Emergency!

    I'm sorry to say I can't give good advice here since one of my biggest malfunctions was losing my top while swimming in the ocean waves. The best suggestion I can make is to hang on to your top if/when you're in any situation where it might come loose. It may not be a great solution but it works.
  7. Redgirl

    This dress ok for a winter occasion?

    I love the color for winter, but is sleeveless the way to go? I like more coverage for the 'darker months' even though I don't assume you'll be snowball fighting in that dress! LOL I would probably go with the shorter heels too. Big heels are great and they make a statement, but I'm more low-key...
  8. Redgirl

    What's your opinion about Keanu Reeves?

    I actually liked him in 47 Ronin. He seems stronger and more grounded in that one.
  9. Redgirl

    What's your opinion about Keanu Reeves?

    Not hot. I never really thought much of him to be honest. I never knew how or why he went so far in his career. But I will admit he's gotten better with age. I like him a lot more now than when he started out. He has more maturity now and I like that.
  10. Redgirl

    Just sneaking through...

    Nice to meet you @siham and thanks for the welcome! ;) @rachelbird My favorite place to travel to would be Disney World, Hawaii or any place that's hot and has a beach. I love to swim!
  11. Redgirl

    Your favorites online clothing

    I sometimes shop online but it's really tricky when I can't try on outfits before I buy them. Sizes vary so much it's hard to get a good fit, even when they offer size charts. I can tweak my own clothes to fit most of the time but still, I've had to make lots of returns and that's always a big...
  12. Redgirl

    Whats your dress size?

    Sometimes you can find some nice stuff on ebay too. I have a bunch of Disney/ Mickey shirts and sweatshirts from there, and you can get new ones too.
  13. Redgirl

    Just sneaking through...

    Hi @rachelbird Thanks for the nice welcome! Always nice to meet a new friend! :D
  14. Redgirl

    What's your opinion about Miley Cyrus?

    I don't like the 'new' version. She seems like she's just trying to get rid of the more wholesome image she once had. Being wholesome isn't a bad thing, and being slutty is overrated and overdone.
  15. Redgirl


    I wouldn't want to do it. It's stupid and nothing good can really come from it.
  16. Redgirl

    What do you think about guys who sagging their pants like that?

    Ew gross. Guys who dress like that look like bums. If they want to show off their physique that isn't the way to do it. It's not the same as it is with girls, who can show a little skin to good effect. Guys have a different set of standards that work in different ways. And wearing their pants...
  17. Redgirl

    Bras, fastened in front or back?

    Thanks Charlene! Hopefully I won't have to ask anything that's too awkward. :confused:
  18. Redgirl

    How many of your girls grill

    I don't grill as a rule. I sometimes help when my dad is grilling and he has his hands full. Or sometimes we take turns, but it's not something I feel the need to do unless it helps out. I don't really like to cook.
  19. Redgirl

    Gender neutral bathrooms- your take?

    I don't see what good can come from gender neutral toilets. What purpose does it serve to put women in a dangerous or compromised situation when she's trying to do her business? It doesn't elevate anyone's status and no matter what the media likes to brainwash people into thinking, women and men...
  20. Redgirl

    The Either\Or Game

    iOS I guess. I'm awful with all technology though. Swimming or dancing?