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  1. rachelbird

    Mental Health

    I'd say that if have the luxury of healthcare, therapy is very much recommended for you! It's nothing to be ashamed of, but you have to be brave!
  2. rachelbird

    how to say to a guy that u like him

    Just talk to him a little more, maybe even invite him out to dinner! A little kino works too ;-)
  3. rachelbird


    of course you had a right to be mad! however, usually it's not worth any effort being angry. Simply move on and walk away, you'll meet plenty new better friends asap!
  4. rachelbird

    How do I get my oblivious boyfriend to listen to me?

    Try communicating with him face to face? Tell him how you are feeling currently and ask him if he understands your problem. If he is willing to listen to you, it will be great to seek answers from him, try asking him, "so what do you think can be done instead or what can we do to improve the...
  5. rachelbird

    Could he still like me?

    Yes, I think its a great idea for you to mention it across to him as you're pretty comfortable talking to him! If he doesn't take it well, the outcome will be that he's still your best friend!
  6. rachelbird

    Just sneaking through...

    Same! What's your fav place to travel to? :)
  7. rachelbird

    Your favorites online clothing

    Same as well. I find that its always a hit or miss when shopping online for clothes! Some online shops that I've shopped form don't even offer accurate sizing chart and its disappointing...
  8. rachelbird

    What do u think

    I recently became obsessed with gaming haha! Are there any girls out there who game too? I enjoy playing PUBG, Fortnite and Path of Exile currently, would love to have more intro to different games :)
  9. rachelbird

    Any one with kids

    Kids do tend to be a bit mischievous at times... Have you tried explaining to them what they have done wrong and should not be doing? It helps when kids understand why they should not be misbehaving and prevents them from repeating their wrong doings... I'm not entirely sure of how to help you...
  10. rachelbird

    Your favorites online clothing

    I shop on several kinds of blogshops and also strictly online. Do you all face difficulty shopping online? :D
  11. rachelbird

    I feel so ugly!

    You're really beautiful! There's no need to use makeup or to change your appearance, what matters is that you love yourself first! Self love is the best form of beauty :)
  12. rachelbird

    Just sneaking through...

    Hello! Nice to meet you! I am also a student living in Singapore, enjoying using my computer and talking on forums. :) Would love to make a friend!
  13. rachelbird


    Hello! I would love to make a new friend too! Its hard to talk to ppl ftf at times... So I do enjoy talking on forums haha! What's your fav country to travel to? :-)
  14. rachelbird

    What do you think about guys who sagging their pants like that?

    Guys who wear like that only want to show it off to everyone... It isn't bad, it's just not what most girls are really into...
  15. rachelbird


    Thats nice! I am sooooo in love with marvel and the recent trailer for the endgame movie!! can't wait till its out! I love action and romantic movies! I'm from England! What are some christmas movies that you recommend watching? I've been watching home alone every year for christmas ahaha...
  16. rachelbird

    What is fashion?

    there's lots of promotion of diff products by companies but not all will appeal to everyone as everyone has diff preferences. in the end, we tend to look to famous celebrities for their looks
  17. rachelbird

    Do you wear makeup at most times?

    Wow, all the girls have so much time to put on make up before leaving home?? Hahha its too much effort for meee :p
  18. rachelbird


    What's your fav movies and countries to travel to? :)
  19. rachelbird

    Last film you watched?

    ooo i just watched fantastic beast last weekend and it was fantastic!!! cant wait for the next movie tooo
  20. rachelbird

    What is fashion?

    To me: Fashion is expensive, but style is cheap. Go and create your own style and thats what that matters afterall!