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  1. blackswann

    Mini skirt

    mini skirt is good as long as i don't have to see inappropriate body parts of the one who wears it. It can be really annoying. :D
  2. blackswann

    Heey thank u :)

    Heey thank u :)
  3. blackswann

    Gay Adoption...for or against?

    I wonder what you all think about gay adopting. I think there is no difference between straight and gay adoption. If a homosexual couple wants to adopt children it is because they really mean it and feel ready to take responsibility for them. So why would we prevent them from adopting while...
  4. blackswann

    Read the book or watch the movie?

    I feel exactly the same way. Because when you read something and watch it after all, those damn movie directors might disappoint you really bad. For example when I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I was like, where is the scene that Harry and Hermonie did that, oooh! this scene...
  5. blackswann

    Cold or Warm?

    Oh, I heart summer.:cool:
  6. blackswann

    Do you know any good music websites that are free to download from??

    Well, if you like RnB or Hiphop I suggest you to check; hotnewhiphopmusicnet it is really up-to-date.
  7. blackswann

    justin bieber real or facke

    I hate it when people write RHIANNA instead of Rihanna. God... Why???
  8. blackswann

    What Are You Listening To?

    Call Me by Blondie :)