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  1. AnneRussell

    What's your opinion on women posting nudes?

    Everyone does what they want with their body.
  2. AnneRussell

    Bad sex

    It took me a lot of time to get used to how my boyfriend likes having sex. We made some compromises, and we're enjoying it now. You both have to get used to each other. It takes time, but it's really good once you get used to someone. Now it's the best sex I've ever had! Most people will say...
  3. AnneRussell

    Shampoo criticism

    What difference does it make how much does shampoo costs if it suits you? Women have this problem. Although I don't understand it at all. I also have girlfriends who admire my clear skin, and when they find out how cheap my cream is, they roll their eyes. Does it have to cost a few hundred? I...
  4. AnneRussell

    Does the category I pick for the loan influence how much I can borrow and the interest rate?

    I always get confused with that stuff and I do not get it how it works at all. I think that only people who work in that field really know what they are doing. The only helpful thing was moneyexpert.com because they have so many good articles about how to get a good loan and they can help you...