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  1. Laieron

    What is the best early morning habit for success?

    Before my friend and I became successful business ladies - our day was monotonous - we could hardly get out of bed and go to our unloved work in the office, we spent the evenings pointlessly sticking to the phone or TV screen. One day we talked frankly and decided that we need to do something...
  2. Laieron

    Best Way to Clean Motherboard?

    Another quick method is to blow out the keyboard with a can of compressed air or a back blow vacuum cleaner. When doing such manipulations, the user needs to control the strength of the flow so that the buttons do not fly out. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or a can at hand, use a regular...
  3. Laieron

    Chapped Lips

    The thin skin of the lips often suffers from dryness, cracking and peeling. This is due to the fact that it practically does not contain lipids - components of the natural moisturizing factor. Without additional protection and moisture, it is defenseless against the sun, cold and wind.Reasons...
  4. Laieron

    Do any of you have sisters?

    I have a sister an she is my best friend
  5. Laieron

    What do you think of Dean(Jensen Ackles) from the Supernatural TV show?

    My favorite one! He is so cute and fun! Waitinf for Jensen at The Boys series :)
  6. Laieron

    Last film you watched?

    Slow Horses - that's why I like British TV series, so it's for English humor. It is specific, turning into banter, but he is always sophisticated! And there's plenty of that humor in the series. For all six episodes, the head of the department, in which the assembled select losers of the...