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  1. SweetShadab

    The 40 Random Questions

    1What is your favorite color? Pink and Blue. 2. Cookies or cake? Both. 3. Do you like this website? Yes 4. Black or white? Black 5. Do you write in a diary/journal? Yes 6. Got a blog? No 7. What is your favorite smile do you like to use? Normal. Not too flashy. Lol 8. Fav animal? Tigers. 9...
  2. SweetShadab

    Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson is an AMAZING singer and dancer. His moves and music are so awesome. I really love his album Thriller. He will not ever be forgotten. R.I.P MJ
  3. SweetShadab

    Your Favorite Song

    Hmmm my favourites keep changing.. So ever since the day before yesterday my new fave song has been "Send it on" of Disney Friends. By the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. It's really beautiful :)
  4. SweetShadab

    The Either\Or Game

    Lead guitar :D Rock or Pop?
  5. SweetShadab

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    Fave channel? Umm...MBC 2 and MBC 4. They're local arabic channels which feature many shows like LOST, TYRA, OPRAH...etc. What's ur hobby?
  6. SweetShadab

    Twilight Saga

    I JUST finished reading Twilight. And I really LOVED it...I haven't seen the movie though :( I'm just askin my parents to buy me the New Mon book!! I have read the first two chapters in the "New Moon Sneak Peek" at the end of the book and since then I can't stop thinking about New Moon.... The...
  7. SweetShadab

    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    I wish to watch that movie but I can't find it so easily where I'm living....I've heard so much bout it and I really wanna see it.
  8. SweetShadab

    Last film you watched?

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua....it was nice :)
  9. SweetShadab

    Guys who open the door

    He must be a real gentleman. But it's a different story when he does it too much. I'd love it when someone does that for me...
  10. SweetShadab


    I hate ironing too. The second household task I despise is vaccuum cleaning. Idk but I just hate it when mom says to take out the vaccuum.
  11. SweetShadab

    *~Rate the user's avatar above you!~*

    9/10!! Looks pretty shy...
  12. SweetShadab

    The WOULD YOU RATHER game!

    Hungry.......a person can last 2 to 5 weeks without food but not without water :D wyr be murdered or die in an accident?
  13. SweetShadab

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    Yeah I like 'em and I also love tigers :D:D What superpower would u rather have?
  14. SweetShadab

    The Yes or No Game!

    Hell Yeahhhhhhh......... Are u on facebook?
  15. SweetShadab

    the word association game...

  16. SweetShadab

    Who is going to win American Idol?

    It's become really tough...both singers are awesome but I think Adam might win....rumors say. Although I support Kris cus Adam is more punky and.....well scary lol. But I hope Kris wins...:)
  17. SweetShadab

    The Yes or No Game!

    No Are you a shopping addict?
  18. SweetShadab

    The Either\Or Game

    Body wash. PS2 or PSP?
  19. SweetShadab

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    For a million dollars no way! But if I worked real hard on the story and the mag was super-popular then.....welll......maybe... Which habit of yours never leaves you alone?
  20. SweetShadab

    How Do You Feel =D ???

    I'm feeling.......... tired and bored :(