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    Heya,this will be a long one!! Recently I have been experiencing the first signs of puberty,I have grown bigger in the upper area,and I am becoming very spotty,I have never had this before and I don't know what to do,please help,I have no idea how to handle this puberty stuff!!!! Please give...
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    Have any of you watched/read the twilight saga,I have watched all of the movie that are out so far and I have read all of the books about 10 times each!!!!!!I want to know if I am not the only one.... lu x
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    Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson?

    I love the whole twilight love triangle,but there is a real edge to it,it feels real almost,do you think that T-Laut will win K-Stew,or R-Patz,it is a tough choice,and also tell me who rule.The vamps or the wolfs???
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    thoughts on niki minaj

    hi guys,what are your thoughts on niki minaj,personaly i think she is AMAZING