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  1. SweetShadab


    I love this website. U can see the latest looks, there's also quizzes, games, gossip, astro, and ways to copy stars' looks!!!!!! Style etc...... EVERYTHING :D
  2. SweetShadab

    Animal Cruelty----PLEASE READ

    So I'm a complete animal lover and could'nt help myself from posting this awful thing. I have just seen a video in Facebook sent by my friend. And I was damn shocked to see it. Over 50 to 100 racoons and badgers were locked up in cages. A few men grabbed them by their tails and just wacked...
  3. SweetShadab

    Dora the Explorer Gets a New Look

    Have u guyz heard?? Dora the Explorer is getting a new makeover!! For her new season! Take a look.. . Its a tween version of Dora!! Looks like all the celebrities grow up....even caroons. I never liked the first version anyway...
  4. SweetShadab

    Looking For a New Hairstyle

    Ok...I have been having a perfectly trimmed hairstyle since I was born. I wanna choose a new look, since my friends also suggest the same. They say that my hair is getting longer now so I should get a layered look or a feathered one. My hair is... >Black >Perfectly trimmed >Shoulder length...
  5. SweetShadab


    So......do u galz believe in horoscopes n stuff??:confused: I believe a little.....but I'm very interested in them.:eek: Mine is Libra----the Scales.....very compatible n reliable..easily decieved...fun...... What's urs?
  6. SweetShadab

    YeS oR nO??

    Hi...every1.. this is another cool game. I'll ask a question 2 the member who comes aftr me..... She will have 2 answer me in YES or NO... Nd she will write another question... ETC. I'll start. Are u mean? :):):)
  7. SweetShadab

    Free mp3s

    I've got almost all my fav songs from this website. The best thing is that they r 100% FREE:eek: shocking...is'nt it??
  8. SweetShadab

    Ashley Tisdale's hair

    I'm not so much with gossip...but I just saw her pic on msn ......her hair was light brown!!:eek: I mean I'm not sayin that I don't like brunettes, but she looked better as a blonde:). Do u agree??:confused:
  9. SweetShadab

    Dreamz or [email protected]$ ????

    Any kinda dream goes. Whether it's a dream of a DATE in a 5-star hotel with ur crush:rolleyes:.............or a NIGHTMARE of a giant monster eating u!:eek: lol :P Seriously....not all dreams are actually "dreamy" So lets give it a go!!!
  10. SweetShadab

    ~~cutest actor~~

    Isnt Zac Efron the CUTEST star???:D I love him u should look at him when he's sayin Merry Christmas on Disney Channel!!! So is Nick he's so hot!!:)
  11. SweetShadab

    whn wil i get my nxt

    im 13 and i got my first period in august 2008 nd i havent got the next yet. im very tense, my mom...nd my friends tell me to relax and it will come on its own. im still confused :confused:pleez help
  12. SweetShadab

    new...need friendzzz

    Hey GalZZZ Im SweetShadab.:) u can call me shabi (shA--bee):cool: im from karachi...:) IM TOTALLY LOOKN FOR COOL FRIENDS. hope u galz reply... peace out :)xoxoxoxoxoxox:) SweetShadab