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  1. ailime

    Sheet masks - do they really work?

    Hello! I was wondering if sheet masks I've been using for a while actually work. How often should I apply them to actually see results?
  2. ailime

    Morning workout?

    Hello lasses! I am determinated to make some changes in my morning routine. I wake up at 5am and have to leave at max. 5:40am, so I need to be pretty quick and organised. I want to have 10 mintes for bathroom and around 10 minutes for makeup. I very much want to start working out in the...
  3. ailime

    How often?

    Hi!! How often do you wash your hair? I am used to washing it every day, but I'm not sure if it's ok? I feel dirty if I don't do it though. My hair gets oily during the day;;;; Is blow drying ok if I do it everyday? Does it damage my hair a lot or not?
  4. ailime

    Post-summer skin care routine

    Hi!! I never had a skincare routine and I need some tips on how to build it >< sooo... My skin is oily; I have acne, not very severe but still unnerving I recently got myself some sunburn and i need to treat it x)) Any tips are welcome
  5. ailime

    I need help x)

    So... To give y'all a bit of background... I have been single for all my 17 years of life. Had multiple crushes, all of them turned out to be unworthy and just not nice. I mean, I've always been falling for either the rebels or just the guys that have been treating me nicely (even tho they...
  6. ailime

    Hello!! :D

    My name's Emilia, lovely to be here and spill all the tea and my problems xx