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    How old were you?

    How old were you when you moved out of your parents house? I just got my own place not too long ago and my mom says I shouldn't have left but I felt that I was ready.
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    Video Games and Your Man

    Does your guy play video games? Do you play with him? I recently started playing this wizard game with my man. We have fun going around to different worlds and using spells on the different creatures. I'm not big into games but it does give us something to do together other than sex lol.
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    Running into an Ex

    My mom told me today that she ran into an ex boyfriend of mine at a restaurant. She said that she had talked to him but that she didn't think that he knew who she was. She said that he was about 400lbs and when I dated him he was only 260lbs. He was 6'2" tall and I'm 5'3" tall so there was a bit...
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    Guys who open the door

    I had been dating this guy who would open the car door or door to the restaurant every time. Yes it was nice after a while but then it started to annoy me because I can open the door for myself. I didn't know how to bring it up with him and finally I just broke up with him with no explanation. I...
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    Is homosexuality on the increase...?

    I think you see more of it because it's more accepted now. People aren't afraid to come out and tell their families and friends that they love someone of the same sex. I personally don't care who people love and want to live with. That's their business not mine.
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    Do mothers prefer boys over girls?

    I think it's because boys are expected to be dirty and break things where girls are suppose to be prissy and proper. I see it in my family too so yours isn't the only one.
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    I would like to do more boating with friends but I get really sea sick. Is there anything that I can take other than that over the counter stuff? Is there certain foods that I can eat that would calm my stomach or drink some soda to calm it to where I won't throw up?
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    Ghost Whisperer

    Does anyone watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer? I recently started watching and just hate the story line. I can't believe that she is ready to have kids with her husband and then they kill him off but make his spirit go into another dudes body. Weird is all I have to say.
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    Top Chef

    I was pulling for Carla but she had to go and listen to Casey. I was screaming at the television asking her why she's letting Casey cook her food. Casey's beef was not cooked with "Love" and that's why Carla got the boot.
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    AmericanIdol- Tatianna, or Danny?

    That girls laugh and her crazy behavior is what got her kicked off the show. What was up with her the night they sang live? This girl needs some serious help.
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    Trip to the ocean

    The only ocean beaches that I have been to are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and on Florida's east coast. I love Myrtle Beach because it is a different crowd of people that go as opposed to the ones that go to Florida. I love watching the dolphins in the morning and walking the beaches at sunset.
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    Buying a new car

    I was thinking of buying a new car since I am starting to have problems with the one I currently own. I have about 98,000 miles on my used car and I was wanting to trade it in for a hybrid but I don't know which one is the best. Can anyone give me advice on buying a hybrid car?
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    Your summer plans

    I'm either going to go camping, to the beach or stay home. It all depends on what the gas prices are going to be like this summer. My guess is that they are going to go sky high and I will have to stay home again.
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    Drink of choice

    Well, I'm not old enough to drink alcohol just yet so I like things like Pepsi and Crystal Light. I'm not sure that I am even interested in trying a drink when I am older because I have family that have issues with it.
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    Victoria Secret model's wedding no longer a secret

    I personally don't like either of them. He got a woman pregnant and then left her for another woman. What a pig is all I have to say about Mr Brady. Hopefully GB doesn't think she is going to be mommy because that baby boy has a mother already.
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    Chris And Rihanna Are Back Together!

    I found this story shocking! This is a classic case of spouse abuse where the woman "loves him" and "he didn't really mean it". He will only do it again. Yes he will be good to her for a little while but then something will set him off again and we will see them back in the news. I just hope and...
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    Kiss and tell

    I'm sorry you have to go through that. It's all about the testosterone and looking cool for their friends. He's probably are really insecure person and has to make others feel bad to make himself feel better.
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    American Idol

    You know I am so glad that that weird girl, Tatiana, is no longer on the show. She was crazy and I only hope that she isn't some sort of wild card pick/surprise. I really liked that one guy whose wife died and his friend that didn't make it through. I think they should bring that guy back.
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    Facebook Terms of Service Drama

    I was totally freaking out when I saw that but then less than a day later they went back to the old terms of service while they hash it all out. I have pictures on there but nothing that I would worry about but still.
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    Boy and girl have baby!!!

    I just saw on the internet the other day that now there are 2 other boys that are claiming to be the babies father, a 15 year old and I believe a 16 year old! How many boys did this girl sleep with and where are her parents? Apparently the story said that this girl regularly had boys sleep over...