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  1. Rebeka

    Facebook posts!!!!!

    Nowadays one question comes out in my mind is that does Facebook really make us more closer with our friends and family?? And another thing is majority people in Facebook they post their happy things every times but personally I know they aren’t but somehow I feel really anxious when I see...
  2. Rebeka

    Have you ever cheated by strangers!!!!

    What’s your story girls!!!!!
  3. Rebeka

    Unsupportive husband

    Hi everyone, I am facing some problems with my husband. Those problems are kind of intangible. May be I had lots of expectations from him. Main problem is that he is not supportive at all and we have been married for 10 months before he was my boyfriend and dated with him for 3 months. He...
  4. Rebeka

    Chicken skin prb

    Hi I have been suffered in chicken skin prb when I was around 14 years old. I tired many home remedies and went to doctors for better treatment but unfortunately nothing worked out. I couldn't wear sleeveless and short skirts or pants as I have chicken skin in arms and my entire legs. What...
  5. Rebeka

    New member

    hi everyone