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    Your Favourite YouTubers

    I watch pewdiepie, theodd1sout, jaidenanimations, goodmythicalmorning, gametheory... you get the point.
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    ur favourite websites!! :D

    I just started being OBSESSED by manga. If you want to read some (they can have... 16+ stuff) there is manga.club or there is an app mangatoons
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    Hey! My name is Kamilė, I am 14 yrs old. So, basically, i go to school too!
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    Is there anyone who can play?

    I learned how to play with violin, piano even though I never liked it. BUT I have a classmate of mine who LOVES playing with instruments. She can play piano, guitar, and... oh shoot I live in another country, isk how to say it. Well, she can play with contraboss, but a bit smaller. Well, however...
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    Favorite type of music

    I don't even know what is my favourite type. Sometimes I'm in the mood for rap, sometimes i just randomly start listening to clasical music. Whatever I listen to, at that moment the song genre that I hear is my fav.
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    Hey :)

    Uhh.. so, I'm new here. Most of the people who are introducing themselves are probably new here too... so, now.. what do I say? My real name is Kamilė, I just turned 14 years old, I am probably the youngest here... uh... you could say that I recently started a grown-up's life, because, um, my...