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    Taking a 'Break'

    I think taking a break, usually translates into, I don't know how to break up with you, but if we were not around each other as much it would be a lot easier. I would be careful with your intentions if you are going to do this.
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    722 pound stingray caught

    That's cool. So you catch a 700 pound stingray, then what? I mean did they just kill it and hang it on a wall like most hunters or what is there plan with this massive thing?
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    Pay It Forward

    This movie gets me every time. I just love the theme of the movie and hope that you have after watching it. I just wish more people actually could do what this movie is talking about.
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    What's you worst temptation?

    Sex, Drugs and Money! Well some more than others, but I think that there are many temptations in everybody's daily life, it is more about how you cope with negative temptations than what they are.
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    Subscription or News Stand?

    How do you purchase your favorite magazines, do you pay for a yearly subscription or do you just pick it up at the local book store or news stand? I just buy one here and there at the news stand, myself.
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    Do you still pay for the newspaper to be delivered to your door? I stopped paying for the newspaper years ago, I just read it online now. How about you all?
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    Popular Science

    I do read some stuff on science, but don't tell anybody, I hear that this is a boys subject? I only like to know about animals and the environment, but magazines like this are good for that too.
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    Must haves in a girl's wardrobe!

    When it comes to style, I got problems, so I would not know where to start, but I think every girl has that one little black dress that makes them feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world, don't they?
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    Slumdog Millionaire! (Woow)

    I have heard good things about it, but no I have not seen it yet. I think I will have to wait until it is available on dvd now, or is it still in the theaters?
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    So who's your dream guy?

    I think I have some strange, I have no daddy syndrome, crush on George Cloony. I have no other way to explain it and I don't think I really understand it either.
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    Paternity leave

    I think we have enough problems with finding jobs for fathers right now in this country. We can figure out how to let them work less, once we find jobs for them, right?
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    TV Shows on DVD?

    That's one hell of a collection there xclairelouise, I have a couple seasons, but only on my computer, I used to buy some seasons on dvd, but they were stolen and I have never started my collection up again yet.
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    What's your least favorite cleaning task?

    DISHES! No question about it, I hate doing dishes and the more I procrastinate on doing them, the less I want to catch back up and do them again. Lucky me, the new house my boyfriend and I just bought has a dishwasher built in!
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    is it ok to pee outside

    Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go, right? Well I would not say that it is in good taste, but I can definitely see where you are coming from. I would just make sure you got some good cover from wandering eyes.
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    I don't understand what I am supposed to do with the web address to make it work. Can't you just post the picture on here? I am interested to see what you are talking about.
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    Who All Has Their Own Website?

    I was just wandering if any of the girls here are secret webmasters at heart? I love web design, but I really don't do much with it any more myself, how about you?
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    Would You Emigrate?

    I am pretty happy here in the United States, I don't think I will be moving anywhere in the near future. I do love to travel, but I always like to come home too!
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    Like those belly dancing moves?

    This video must really be getting some views, it is loading so slowly I will have to come back later and try to watch it. I am no belly dancer, but it sure looks cool!
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    If your parents say no..

    I don't know if there is a good answer to this without knowing more. Are you not getting schoolwork completed? Many times parents will tell you or force you to do things that they think are for your own good, even if it does not make sense, a lot of the time they have good intentions in mind.
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    I have always been close to all of my family. I have never though anything about it because it has always just been the way things are for me, but yes I guess I do have some pretty close relationships with my relatives.