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    What song makes you cry.

    Read all about it - Emeli Breathe me sia Nobody else will the cliks
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    Your Favorite Song

    Gosh mine has to be breathe me by Sia, I am absolutely in love with that song and pretty much explains how I feel 24/7
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    Your Favourite YouTubers

    I like the channel average Aimee, she is my huge inspiration for mental health and gives practical advice on depression and anxiety
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    Trouble With Tablet

    What about using YouTube converter and then syncin that way
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    Weekend is coming...

    On Saturday I normally see Graham my best mate and bf of three years and Sunday I just chill out
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    What's your favorite T.V. show?

    Bad Girls, ER, Greys Anatomy, house and Breaking Bad best shows ever
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    Do You Workout When Your Sick?

    No way it just makes me feel 100x worse and also when I am sick I lose balance easily and that's a lot worse when I also have dyspraxia on top if it
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    Can you workout when your asthmatics? (any advice)

    What about doing little gradual walks round the town
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    Sleeping patterns

    For me I actually find that doing something completely mindless really helps. Or you could try listening to classical music, or talk radio or something really boring and soon you will be hitting the sack in seconds
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    What to wear to a concert?

    Wear what you find comfortable, but if you standing avoid the idea of heels unless you want blisters and pain.
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    What to wear to a conference?

    Yeah the little black dress and medium height heels but take those flats to save your precious feet and blisters/pain. Been there and warn t shirt