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    Do you shave your legs girls?

    Yes, of course, Girls obviously like smooth and without hairy legs. I love to do waxing which made my skin so better.
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    What are the best skin care tips in winter?

    OF course, winter is coming and we have to do double skincare. The cold breeze of winter reminds me of the cozy holiday season, the quilted jackets, that pinkish glow on the cheeks wondering someone uttering ‘Googly Woogly Woosh’! Isn’t it that we all fantasize about this since we saw the Pond’s...
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    Eye Brow Blending.

    Is eyebrow blending is necessary for the brown eyebrow?
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    Have a manicure that never chips, or never have another hangnail again?

    I have a soft nail that broke easily. So I have to always face that problem.
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    Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?

    Why should we have to do this? Its validation is about 1 year.
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    Do you know your undertone color?

    How do you know about your underskin tone?
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    Any tips for filling in my eyebrows naturally?

    Not having so many eyebrows is fine but having a filling and thicker eyebrows is blessed so any tip or trick?
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    Which nail polish suits on bridal looks except red?

    Red is like a normal we can think we have to were but after red which one look extraordinary on the bridal look.
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    How do I prevent my hair fall problems?

    I know hair fall is a normal problem but over hair fall makes a high problem so suggest me to prevent hair fall problems without chemical use.