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  1. midnight123

    My first period story :D

    I finally got my first period :) I left the periodless club on 7/4/13 :D I got it on 4th of July :) it was also 3 days after my 14th birthday. Ok so here it is :) Ok so we got back from a BBQ and I wasn't really aware that I was going to get it that day. When we got home I had to use the...
  2. midnight123


    Ok so today I was so scared because I ran out of nail polish remover in a instants on my left hand. I tried everything painting nail polish on you other layer. Which didn't work at all because it just smeared around. So I thought hey maybe I should try clear nail polish. So when you put it on...
  3. midnight123

    Question and Answer game :)

    So basically a person gives a question to a person and then the next person answers. And then gives a question for the next person :) Ok ill start :) What's your favorite song?
  4. midnight123

    could this be true?

    Ok yes this is about period stuff. I understand u guys Hate it but please just listen to me. Ok so my bff got her first period in may. She never even started discharging. Ive had discharging for about 11 months now and I feel like its never going to happen. My older sister told me because I was...
  5. midnight123

    Please i need advice

    Ok so I was texting my friend on Kik and this girl started to text who I didn't know. So she said hi and I said hi but I was definetaly wasn't going to tell her anything personal. So I asked her how did she find me but she didn't answer it. After that I felt really uncomfortable and deleted her...
  6. midnight123

    Does he like me?!?!

    So this guy in my class I known since 6th has been acting weird around me lately. So my teacher put us in 4 table groups, we can sit where ever we want. So I usually sit in the front since I cant see. I notice he sits at any table I sit at if he could! And I also notice he gets pretty...
  7. midnight123

    Period kit help please :)

    so i started making my kit. heres what i put so far: 2- Tampons pearls 5 or 4- Always pads ( there bigger than me ) i think daytime for heavy flow 3- Always pads night ( also bigger than me ) about 8 - pantyliners from carefree about 10- pantyliners from Always What else should i...
  8. midnight123

    Discharge Question

    First of thanks for clicking / tapping on this forum. Flatly I have notice an increase of that amount of discharge I get and color. I haven't started my first period yet, but I'm totally prepared. Sometimes I see light brown on my pantyliner if I forget to change it . Also ive have all the...
  9. midnight123

    Please help me!!!!

    So it all started today my left ear is making a popping sound. I didn't put any water in it. It just started randomly. As I'm tryping. This it contuines to pop. I tried yawning and seeing if it might be ear wax build up but it didn't do anything please anyone reaspond!
  10. midnight123

    help anyone?

    So I want to delete a thread but I don't know how to! Can someone helpless me plz?
  11. midnight123

    sad everyday but try to overcome it

    So I never told anyone this except my friends and family that people say I'm ugly in body laugage or just behind my back. When I go fix my hair in the mirror at school those words fill my head. I'm not cutting or thinking of suicidal thoughts. But I just need someone who had this experice to...
  12. midnight123

    Draw something?

    I love this app. Does anyone play? If you do ci would love to play with you just put your username.
  13. midnight123

    Flu season?

    Lately a lot of people are getting sick. Even me! I feel weak but its off and on. When ever I bumped into something it hurts 10x worse. I'm feeling a little better though . Have you gotten sick this month?
  14. midnight123

    he loves me, he loves me not

    So recently I was changed to my 4th period class social. The guy I used liked in 6th grade was there no biggy right? Now I started to like him again. I never had feeling for him until now. So here's the story :p Note : I'm 13 years old and I don't due the kissing stuff when I get a boyfriend...
  15. midnight123

    could it be?

    So I have been MAJOR STRESSED OUT!!!!!! this hole 2 months . Mostly family issues and grades D's: and I haven't started my first period yet :( . I think its because of all this stress that is delaying it. Am I right or wrong? Plz reply
  16. midnight123

    Why do they do.this?

    Ok so I was thinking about 16 and pregnant and I got really mad how the boys just left the girl with the baby. Like what the heck,, 1- you helped make the baby, 2- you thought of doing this, 3- you and I lost our viginaty. Plus like maybe 50% of the time the boyfriend helped the women when...
  17. midnight123

    overies hurt :'(

    Ok so yesterday I was fine until we went to the mall. My left ovary started to hurt. I thought it was just because my jeans were too tight. So I went to the bathroom and I felt around to see what it was and it was my left ovary. It only hurts at the touch. My oldier sister told me my first...
  18. midnight123

    Hi There

    Hi my name is midnight but for short mid :) I love to draw manga or chibis . I'm 13 and currently in middle school. This is my 2nd time going on girlsforum because I registered yesterday and still getting to know this site. I love to read books when I have free time kn my kindle fire. I'm still...
  19. midnight123

    when will it happen?

    So I'm a 13 year old and already gone through puberty but one is missing. My first period D: I really would want it and want to know what kind of pads to use. My signs: Breast-1 year Dishcharge- 5months Spotting -2 times and that's all When mom got hers - 12 / 13 Pubic hair - 4 years...
  20. midnight123

    hi im new here :)

    Hi I'm am so excited to be here :D I can't wait to meet new people and make great friends :)