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  1. midnight123

    Suggestions Thread

    Also add forums like Teen help or even creative writing forum :) I bet there's a lot of great writers on here!
  2. midnight123

    Suggestions Thread

    I think we could have contest :) but u don't like have to win an actual prize. You could win like points or something. Also I think we should add earnining virtual points. These points we can earn by answering forums ect. After we get points / coins we can spend it in the shop for...
  3. midnight123

    My first period story :D

    Was it Akward?
  4. midnight123

    My first period story :D

    I finally got my first period :) I left the periodless club on 7/4/13 :D I got it on 4th of July :) it was also 3 days after my 14th birthday. Ok so here it is :) Ok so we got back from a BBQ and I wasn't really aware that I was going to get it that day. When we got home I had to use the...
  5. midnight123

    Welcome Solitaire As Our New Admin

    I'm so proud of u solitaire! You really did it :) I'm so happy my friend is admin now :D
  6. midnight123

    Bra Fastening Poll

    I fasten in the front. I think its pretty easy to fasten it in front so you are able to see it better!
  7. midnight123


    Ok so today I was so scared because I ran out of nail polish remover in a instants on my left hand. I tried everything painting nail polish on you other layer. Which didn't work at all because it just smeared around. So I thought hey maybe I should try clear nail polish. So when you put it on...
  8. midnight123

    Question and Answer game :)

    So basically a person gives a question to a person and then the next person answers. And then gives a question for the next person :) Ok ill start :) What's your favorite song?
  9. midnight123

    16 year old from America :)

    Welcome to girlsforum :D
  10. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    I wanted you to teach me a little French :) ok about the relationship thing. I don't really like this guy because you keep saying sorry to him but he doesn't see that your truly sorry. I feel like he just like oh you now say sorry to me. I think you should stop. If he cant accept that your sorry...
  11. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    Can you tutor me? In French if you don't mind :)
  12. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    Oh I'm not in HS yet I'm on summer break but Yay I'm taking French as a language as a beginning / introduction. Oh and sorry about the age thing I kind of have bad eye sight. May I ask u a question?
  13. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    Are u in highschool? Also what language are u taking?
  14. midnight123

    could this be true?

    Ok yes this is about period stuff. I understand u guys Hate it but please just listen to me. Ok so my bff got her first period in may. She never even started discharging. Ive had discharging for about 11 months now and I feel like its never going to happen. My older sister told me because I was...
  15. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    Lol well what are u going to do? Do us still have communication with him. Like do u see him around? Also its coool that u have a summer b Day! Ur older than me by a month :(
  16. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    Yea your right! Maybe try writing a letter to him
  17. midnight123

    Hey :D

    Hey :D
  18. midnight123

    Omg its so cool that your a summer baby like me :) I'm turning 14 in July :)

    Omg its so cool that your a summer baby like me :) I'm turning 14 in July :)
  19. midnight123

    Mm... Confused About a Relationship

    I really feel bad for u . I'm only 13 and don't have that much experience in relationship but il still help :) so in my opinion he is mad or disappointed that you turn him down 2 times then u suddly say I love u then u say no. He might feel like your toying with his emotion. But he is wrong...
  20. midnight123

    Please i need advice

    I'm so excited! !!! I always wanted to be a mod on here :) I think I have what it takes to be a great mod :D