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    should i stay or should i go?

    I suppose you should take time out(mb 2-5days)........to think about ur situation alone & at the same time to see what he will do for you, his behavior and so on.
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    Should Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Date?

    hmmm) I think they already have some feelings......cos its impossible to play such role without mutual attraction or smth like that
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    Your Favorite Song

    esp Muse-the super massive black hole
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    Your Favorite Song

    AlwaysTeamEdward completely agree with you:clap2:
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    heyyyyy, (:

    nice to see u here! I'll be your first friend))I like to chat as well
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    Do you go to the gym?

    I'm a young mom, so for me it's neccessary to go to the gym twice a week at least))
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    ♥ Twilight ♥

    honestly I don't like Bella at all/coz she is strange and too simple for this film.(I thought it would be Megan Fox at least, I suppose she is more suitable for this role) Edward is really handsome...I do like him!!! Twilight - really deep&beautiful movie