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    Have you tried using Playtex tampons? They're very comfortable to wear and easy to use. They're best to use during heavy flow days. Hope this helped!
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    How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

    I like to spend my alone time thinking, and listening to relaxing music. Or I would write in my journal, or meditate. Anything that makes me focus and stay quiet for a few moment.
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    Which famous celebrities do you follow?

    I guess I just follow random celebrities to see how they live.. I specially love Adam Levin and Behati's lifestyle
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    How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

    I mostly spend it alone, even just for a few minutes just to reflect on myself and everything going on around me, it helps a lot on my mental health.
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    skin care routine

    I use cleansing balms to remove all my makeup then wash my face with a trusty facial cleanser then moisturizer, serum and sometime I put ice on my face. But try out different things to match what suits you