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    scars from pimples on my face

    Thanks, Shyramarie. I haven't tried laser but contemplating on having it done. I started therapy because of anxiety and depression and I've been doing well I think. Perhaps laser would greatly help reduce my feelings of neglect and insecurity. By the way, does lanolin have a strong scent?
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    scars from pimples on my face

    I've been struggling with the dark scars and 'holes' on my face from past acne. I tried ointments but I've given up. I don't think they'll ever go away with ointments. How about laser? Has anyone tried it? How was the outcome? Hope you can help.
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    What things do you buy on Internet?

    I buy gadgets like power banks, chargers, speakers. Lots of cheaper stuff on the internet.
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    Hi Does Anybody Like Prince Harry Here?

    He rocks, and he rocks more with Meghan! :)
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    Latest movie seen

    TRY watching King arthur!
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    Advice for order management of fashion accessories

    Right now, we are increasing our manpower. And I can say that it is slowly having a good effect on the way we run our business. Also, we hired workers who have gained adequate experience. Unfortunately, we notice compliance is turning out to be an issue.
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    Idea for short hair

    You could try a short hair which is kinda sophisticated with bangs or a bob cut instead.
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    Looks Vs Personality

    Honestly, I get attracted with the outside appearance of a person. But foremost, my priority is the entire personality of the person.You know, looks are so deceiving and we have to keep that in mind.
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    Advice for order management of fashion accessories

    Hi, we've been into business of fashion accessories for a year and we are growing. So problems with orders in our multiple locations has been very difficult. What can you suggest to improve our customers service? Do we need to hire additional workers to handle and manage orders and inventory...
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    Name One Thing Why It Is Hard Being A Female

    Monthly Period. we get emotional, we change physically, not to mention PMS
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    Safety tips for girls while traveling alone

    I agree, you should be aware of your environment. be vigilant
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    Looking for a Software

    document management system is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track documents electronically. So this means that your office documents will be paper less
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    Thoughts on Kim Kardashian?

    I don't know why many people don't like Kim K.. They think she's dumb but she's riding private jets and most of her haters take the bus.. lol ironic..
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    Last film you watched?

    Something Borrowed! Love the classics!
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    Anyone Here Who Has a Salon?

    Yup I did and I found relevant blogs about reducing energy consumption. I read online too that there are companies that offer energy saving services that can significantly reduce our utility expenses. I might give them a call very soon to inquire further.
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    Husband habits..

    Are those like the miniature kind like the ones of wonder woman and other Japanese cartoon characters? If so, I think it's perfectly normal for a guy (I know someone in his 40's that still has a room dedicated to them) to have those not unless he's exhibiting the weirdness in bed or acting weird...
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    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    My only goal in life is to earn a 5 figure income each month through blogging about food and travel! That would be the most epic achievement for me but the thing is, I haven't even started that blog yet LoL. What's the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?
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    Electronic Health Billing System

    Which developers can offer this type of medical software, she mentioned that she's particularly referring to EHRs (electronic health records). She checked the site of the software they used to have at the hospital she used to work in and sadly they only work locally. Can you recommend any...
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    Electronic Health Billing System

    My cousin got her job in a small hospital in the province. In a short span, she observed that most of them are not aware about the electronic health billing process. For the purpose of making their assigned work easier, she wants to suggest this new tool that could make payments accurate and...
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    The Either\Or Game

    World peace. $1M and not being able to use the internet for 10 years or walk away?