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    How Did You Find GirlsForum?

    I went on google because I was looking for a site that would be able to provide advice during hard times and I would also like to give advice especially if it would save somebody's life. Our generation is collapsing with all the advanced technology and dark souls all about...with all the deaths...
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    I LOVE HIM......but only on my own {heartbreakhelp}

    Talk to your parents about how they are making you feel...they may not actually hate you...they just are really disappointed with your actions and are probably questioning themselves. Trust me...I have been there. If you need a friend...I am always here to talk when you want. Unless they are...
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    Hi Its Rian

    My name isn't really rian but it sounds cool. I love Japan and its culture...well any Asian culture... I have a great intrest in psychology... I was made in America with carribbean, scottish and native carribbean roots. I apologize for grammatical errors because I usually use a tablet to browse...
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    My Story *LONG* by Sara

    My story is similar to yours except for the sexting. Point is...the people around you are poison. I have never been in a situation like that before but what I can tell you is this: Avoid doing it again of course, and you may want to change schools and start fresh if possible, or you can stay and...
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    To Shave or Not to Shave?

    Thank you all! You really have helped. I did get a boost in my confidence by the way. I'm generally not that confident so the idea is kind of scary.
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    Body hair removal...

    Dude....its awkward for me. I inherited hairiness...but I don't mind. Its not as bad for me as it is for my brother. Although I don't shave at all so I get lots of weird looks. I don't plan on doing my eyebrows because I like them how they are. ANYWAY...not everyone removes their body...
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    Black Eyeliner

    Hey guys...I love how black eyeliner darkens my eyes but I am kind of young so I cannot wear it. Is there a way for me to wear it but make it look natural or a natural way to darken my eyes...ty in advance.
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    Humans are weird creatures if you think about.

    Humans are weird creatures if you think about.
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    To Shave or Not to Shave?

    O_O I knew it was a bad idea to even try to get a little help. Everyone's the same...
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    Only 140 characters? Seems like twitter. I need a serious confidence booster right now...

    Only 140 characters? Seems like twitter. I need a serious confidence booster right now...
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    To Shave or Not to Shave?

    Hey guys! I am facing a little problem right now. I have decided not to shave my armpits or legs because I find no reason to. After all, since the time of Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I, (I guess) no women ever shaved. Why should we now? It was practiced in a religion, (can't remember...
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    Just trying to figure things out...as usual. :)

    Just trying to figure things out...as usual. :)
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    Am I a tomboy or a girly girl?

    I would say you are then a tomboy if you don't like to dress up much anymore. I am more tomboy, but I do dress up if I have to. I just don't like to dress up much.
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    your story?

    I love this idea...I have been searching for a site for sharing writing but nothing interested me. We should have fiction for original stories, non-fiction for articles about research you have done and fanfiction for already existing fandoms. I have always wanted to share my writing. And this...
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    What do u think of lesbian girls !!

    Welcome To Reality I think that they have a future, and that they can always adopt a child too. They were created in God's image so therefore, they are as perfect as God wants them to be, which is pretty perfect if you ask anyone who believes in God. Anyway love is love, no matter between what...
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    Why do I like guys like these :(?

    Well... I have no experience with guys whatsoever, but you should stay away from boys like that. To tell you the truth, all girls are attracted to bad boys at one time or another, it's something we can't control. If you KNOW he is going to end up betraying you, then he's not worth your time...