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    Hi Its Rian

    My name isn't really rian but it sounds cool. I love Japan and its culture...well any Asian culture... I have a great intrest in psychology... I was made in America with carribbean, scottish and native carribbean roots. I apologize for grammatical errors because I usually use a tablet to browse...
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    Black Eyeliner

    Hey guys...I love how black eyeliner darkens my eyes but I am kind of young so I cannot wear it. Is there a way for me to wear it but make it look natural or a natural way to darken my eyes...ty in advance.
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    To Shave or Not to Shave?

    Hey guys! I am facing a little problem right now. I have decided not to shave my armpits or legs because I find no reason to. After all, since the time of Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I, (I guess) no women ever shaved. Why should we now? It was practiced in a religion, (can't remember...