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  1. Nikita Marathe

    Why is my daughter not wanting to wear skirts?

    just check what your daughter loves to wear.. may be she feels comfortable in jeans and top, may be a pair of shorts. Just talk to her instead of forcing her to wear skirts.
  2. Nikita Marathe

    Should i follow his orders ?

    Thanks for all your concern. I will tell him what you have suggested dear.
  3. Nikita Marathe

    Bras and tank tops

    I always wear bra with straps. They never slip. I never tried strapless bras... so not sure about comfort.
  4. Nikita Marathe

    Should i follow his orders ?

    Hey, I am in live-in relationship with my bestie for last 2 years. He is very strong boy and very supportive too. To be honest i am in love with him but some recent changes in his behavior had disturbed me a lot. We have done everything that every married couple does. So no question about that...
  5. Nikita Marathe

    Hello Beautiful and strong ladies

    Hello Beautiful and strong ladies
  6. Nikita Marathe

    What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment

    a tank top and pair of shorts..