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  1. L

    New Hair!

    I had it layered with a swept fringe n_n
  2. L

    His penis is small..

    Okay okay okay okay. Firstly, you're 14. Stop looking at your boyfriends' penis. I understand maybe you might be mature, but being sexual now you will regret. You're questioning breaking up over your guy's penis size at the age of 14, you are not ready for sex or to be sexual. If he showed it...
  3. L

    Gay Adoption...for or against?

    I agree with it as long as the gay couple are suitable parents, same with any other type of adoption. Gays shouldn't get any more or any less privileges than ordinary people. There are people of all orientations who are not capable of taking care of kids, including straight couples. Point...
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    To Shave or Not to Shave?

    Luckily I'm blonde so it's hard to tell when I don't shave. I only really do it when I know I'll be seeing my boyfriend, as he's not just looking :x
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    How Did You Find GirlsForum?

    Shamefully I was looking for active forums to promote my website on, but found here and I like it :)
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    Name One Thing Why It Is Hard Being A Female

    Periods, dealing with contraception (I just got sick on the depo), possible pregnancy, pregnancy itself. Eventually, menopause. The female body is generally awkward to deal with.
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    Homosexuals and Heterosexuals.

    I support equal rights for all human beings.
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    New Hair!

    I got my hair done today too :P I bet it looks lovely!
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    Lauren here!

    Hello :) My name is Lauren, as you may have guessed as Laurenzo isn't really a common name. My best friend nicknamed me Laurenzo so it kinda stuck. Anyway, this is going to sound bad but I was looking for forums to promote my own website on that I own with my boyfriend but decided that this...