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  1. motherof3

    Sleeping patterns

    Can someone please give me advice about how I can get some better sleep. I have been having a ton of trouble trying to sleep. I can get to sleep no problem but staying asleep is so hard to do. I dnt know what to do but I'm going crazy. I need sleep can someone please help me
  2. motherof3


    Just stopping by to say hello. How is everyone today? Who is ready for some warm weather
  3. motherof3

    Your Favorite Things

    Ok I want to know what is some of your favorite things. Ok ill start I like pizza and ice cream. My favorite animal is a dolphin. My favorite car is a 1966 ford mustang hard top. My favorite season is summer. My favorite types of movies are comody, romance, and action. I listen to any kind of...
  4. motherof3

    Baby talk

    Ok me n my boyfriend r having a baby. And we r happy. I want peoples opinion about what they think it will b. I heard a bunch of different things. My stomach is very low and I'm craving sweets. What do u think it will b. I find out in a week
  5. motherof3

    About new forum

    Can we have a new thread that is titled family.
  6. motherof3

    whats better

    Movies movies movies
  7. motherof3

    What u like

    I made a poll just to see what people listen to more.
  8. motherof3

    Im brand new here

    Hello everyone how r u doing. Well my name is Heather. Im a mother of two and the third on the way. I happy wit my boyfriend. Anything else u would like to know just ask