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    Menstrual Cup

    Hi girls! Hope everyone's doing well and is safe. I had brought an eco friendly menstrual cup few months ago. I watched videos on YouTube on how to use it. I have never used one before. At all. Not even a tampon. I have always used napkins. Please help me out! How do I use it? Is it safe? Is it...
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    Bad experience at work

    Hello girls! Hope you’re all doing well! Recently, I had interned for a startup. I was assigned a mentor (a guy) and it was work from home. I had interned for a month and towards the end, the mentor asked me for a picture. I did not respond since my work did not require me to send him a...
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    Urgent makeup advice!!

    Hey girls! I have never applied makeup before and I’m learning how to now. Is this okay?
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    Hello! :)

    Hello :)