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  1. Zjed

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    I think it's been more or less drawing. I still do it and it's quite satisfying to see how much I've improved over the years. My drawings still aren't perfect but they're something at least! Do you have any houseplants?
  2. Zjed

    Washing Hair on Your Head

    I wash my hair about three times a week - usually on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. If I've just dyed my hair I can go longer without washing my hair but often the greasy feeling is a bit too much in that case.
  3. Zjed

    Platonic relationship with a guy

    There have been a plenty of guys I've been friends with and it's been neat! I don't think being friends with someone has to do with their gender. Everyone obviously has their own experiences but my own have generally been pleasant. I'm naturally very platonic so I don't develop romantic feelings...
  4. Zjed

    Howdy Everyone

    Awesome! The new style looks so smooth and pleasant, great upgrades.
  5. Zjed

    Gender neutral bathrooms- your take?

    I don't mind gender neutral bathrooms at all, I think it's neat that one doesn't have to worry about going to the right bathroom. :) The most important thing to me is that there's a bathroom at least available when it's needed.
  6. Zjed

    Is he expecting me to take the first step?

    That just starts to sound like men shouldn't be considered equal people - it's not just the man's role to initiate normal conversation. Communicating is just a common (and important) human thing to do no matter the gender. Making the first move would ensure that communication at least happens...
  7. Zjed

    Chatting after 1 date, but he's not for me

    In situations like this it's almost always my first impulse to say "Friendship! You could be friends if he's nice!" I think you should just be honest with him and tell him that you aren't romantically interested.
  8. Zjed

    Is he expecting me to take the first step?

    Why not though? I think he could find it pleasant to have someone approach him first, of course guys can be shy too.
  9. Zjed

    Describe Your Style

    Casual and lazy. Probably rather masculine too since I tend to wear men's clothes as they feel more comfortable. If you can picture "that one kid from high school that always wore T-shirts and sweatpants", that's how my so-called style most often looks like. :oops: I just like to feel comfy.
  10. Zjed

    Relating to Female Characters

    I feel similarly too, but probably for different reasons. There's a forced romance happening where a guy is involved in so many films or series and that's something I just really can't relate to. :D
  11. Zjed

    zzzzzzz naked

    Being naked in general feels really unsettling so I don't sleep naked. I feel kind of filthy without clothes.
  12. Zjed

    What's your religion?

    I believe in God so I'm a Christian. I like to wear my cross necklace really often!
  13. Zjed

    Do you wear makeup at most times?

    I've never applied make up so I'll have to say no. There has been one instance many years ago when a friend insisted on applying make up on my face though and I couldn't say no to her excitement. Turns out I can't go a day without having to scrub my eyes at least twenty times.
  14. Zjed

    Favorite scary movie??

    A part of me wants to say A Cure for Wellness since it grossed me out so much, which means the film really succeeded at being unsettling.
  15. Zjed

    What do u think

    Video games are great! I don't play too many console games myself, but I'm a big fan of Pokemon. There are also some PC games that I enjoy, they're such a neat way to spend time with a friend who lives far away.
  16. Zjed

    attracted to older guys

    To be completely honest it feels really suspicious when an older person feels attraction towards someone who's under 18 - I wouldn't really trust an adult who's willing to date minors. After turning 18 it wouldn't be bad since both of you would be legally adults but right now there strongly is...
  17. Zjed

    Favorite type of music

    All kinds of instrumental pieces of music tend to be my favorites. If talking about genres, I really like lo-fi.
  18. Zjed

    Would you travel to?

    I can definitely say that I agree, except for the part 'domestically' since all the Disney parks are so far away from here!
  19. Zjed

    What things do you buy on Internet?

    Most usually cool shirts or hoodies that I can't find in local stores. It's hard to predict if the clothes are going to fit though!
  20. Zjed

    Facebook posts!!!!!

    Probably not as liking or commenting on their stuff doesn't always exactly count as being close. People often don't publish absolutely everything on Facebook, just the best kind of things that might make it seem like the person has succeeded at everything they've done. It's a bit odd how some...