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  1. J

    Your Favorite Song

  2. J

    What's your favorite T.V. show?

  3. J

    Favorite scary movie??

    Recently i watched the Curse Women. Great movie.
  4. J

    Last film you watched?

    Avengers Endgame. Cried after Iron Man death and seeing Captain America old. :(
  5. J

    Taking a Bath After Exercise

    There is no threat to the body for taking the bath after the exercise. But dont take the bath right after the exercise, because it is not good for the health. Take some rest and allow you body muscles to take rest completely. I would recommend you that you must take bath with hot water.
  6. J

    Are there any 10 minute exercises that I can do to make me lose weight?

    Burning calories in short time period is impossible by doing the exercise. If you want to cut down the value of caloris, then run on the treadmill at teh speed of 10 or more KM/hr, then it will help you in burining the calories. It will burn less calories as compared to exercise, but if you have...
  7. J

    New Short Hair Style

    You are looking stunning and beautiful in the short hairs. Shorts hairs look good and it also give elegant look to your face.
  8. J

    Fingernails! ...worth the effort?

    I agree with your Gaby Eugene. Using the fake nails is not good choice for the health of your nails. It looks less expensive, but it will give the long term disadvantage to your nails health.
  9. J

    What do guys really want?

    Play it cool for now. Don't think too much just enjoy the time where you are right now. Over the time you will automatically realize that what is good for you and what you should do. That will be the right time to take decision, till than give you best to nurture your relationship.
  10. J

    how to be pretty

    I'm completely agree with @Rhonda333 confidence is the key that will make you comfort where ever you go.
  11. J

    What things do you buy on Internet?

    The internet has literally changed everything around us, so you can buy each and everything online. I just wonder is there anything that you can not buy online?
  12. J

    Winter is coming! Time for a wardrobe refresh!

    I'll go with Tshirt dress paired with a leather jacket in this winter.
  13. J

    Last film you watched?

    Captain Marvel
  14. J

    What song makes you cry.

    Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely great songs from Backstreet Boys.
  15. J

    Rate this guy

    5/10 is great score for him.
  16. J

    One Direction Anyone? (:

    I loved their songs. My favorite songs of One Direction is Whats makes you beautiful, Live While We Young and One thing. All these three songs are my favorite.
  17. J

    Your Favourite YouTubers

    Danisnotonfire and jacksgap both are my favorite.
  18. J

    Removing My Dark Circles

    Take the eight hours of proper sleep and you will surely see the effective results of getting rid from the dark circles.
  19. J

    I feel so ugly!

    Who told you that you are not pretty? I looked at your photo and i am damn sure that you are pretty, gorgeous and beautiful in your school/high school or College.
  20. J

    I wear too much black?

    I love black. Black is not just a color, but it is a emotion.