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  1. Kimbee

    Vikings, anyone?

    Love the history channel's Vikings! Can't get enough Lagertha...and all the men on the show are very nice to look at. Though it doesn't follow Ragnar's story completely, it's the most entertaining show I've seen in a long time. Any thoughts? Are you a fan?
  2. Kimbee

    wondering why...

    Why is there no discussion for career/educational advice? I'm a college student and would love some of that!
  3. Kimbee

    lazy girl needs help

    Hi, i don't do anything with my hair besides brush it. It's very thick and I get overwhelmed trying to section it out for different hairstyles. Anyone know a lazy girl hair hack that could help me? I don't want to wear the same hair forever...
  4. Kimbee

    New member! with insecure boyfriend

    I joined this forum because I needed someone to talk with. I have a few girlfriends, but I don't want to burden them all the time, they already know about this issue. They tell me I should just leave, but I believe in this asshole. He is a very deep and kind person, and I can see he is tormented...