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  1. Amily

    Drinking Tea

    I love tea. But I drink only classic Chinese green tea. Here’s a recipe how to make it: 1)Heat water, boil a cup in which you will brew tea. 2)Pour the leaves into a teapot. 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water will be enough. 3)Fill with water, wait 20-40 seconds and pour out the water. This will...
  2. Amily

    Last film you watched?

    Watched 'Parasite' recently, and although I haven't actually seen any of the films it beat out for best picture I think it's probably deserved. I've loved all of Bong Joon-Ho's prior films for their uniqueness and absurdism and this was no exception. The best I've heard it described is as a more...
  3. Amily

    How do you save money?

    Before each purchase, you should think about whether you really need it, or whether it will benefit you? If this is a thing that you will use once and then it will just lie, then you do not need to buy it. Or if half of your grocery basket consists of sweets, chips and other junk food, then you...
  4. Amily

    Is skincare like playing a puzzle game?

    I agree. I have problem skin and I have been trying to improve it all my life. At first, everyone told me that this is puberty and that it will pass. But I'm 22 and I'm still fighting for clean skin. I tried a lot of tips. Some helped only a little, some did not help at all. I asked for advice...
  5. Amily

    Bad experience at work

    Quite a strange situation. Most likely it's something wrong with that guy. And the company just wants to avoid this unpleasant situation, because they do not want to damage their reputation. Maybe that's why they don't tell you anything. In any case, be careful with these people, it is not known...
  6. Amily

    Embarrassed and Awkward

    Hello) In my opinion, there are only two possible options. The first is to have the courage to ask him if he has feelings for you and if he wants to start a relationship with you. If he says yes, that's great, congratulations, if he says no, then you will at least know that you do not need to...
  7. Amily

    Bad experience at work

    Hi) And what did the company answer? Were his requests to send the photo incorrect and therefore he was removed? Were they right, but he was removed because of a conflict with you? If the first option, then you need to inform the company that he does not want to give you recommendations...
  8. Amily

    Are there any 10 minute exercises that I can do to make me lose weight?

    10-minute exercises are likely to only strengthen your muscles. It takes at least 40 minutes of active training to start the process of burning calories. In general, the best method for weight loss is proper nutrition. The process of losing weight is 70 percent dependent on nutrition and...
  9. Amily

    Is going on a diet healthy?

    Diets are no longer considered useful and effective. Because even if you lose a little weight, there is a chance that after returning to regular food, you will gain the weight back or even more. And your body will experience great stress. The best diet is proper balanced nutrition. You can...
  10. Amily