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    Pay It Forward

    This movie gets me every time. I just love the theme of the movie and hope that you have after watching it. I just wish more people actually could do what this movie is talking about.
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    Subscription or News Stand?

    How do you purchase your favorite magazines, do you pay for a yearly subscription or do you just pick it up at the local book store or news stand? I just buy one here and there at the news stand, myself.
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    Do you still pay for the newspaper to be delivered to your door? I stopped paying for the newspaper years ago, I just read it online now. How about you all?
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    Who All Has Their Own Website?

    I was just wandering if any of the girls here are secret webmasters at heart? I love web design, but I really don't do much with it any more myself, how about you?
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    Big Kids

    I was talking to the girls on another thread about playing video games and it turns out that there are a lot of gamers here. Who likes to buy used games at stores like Big Kids?
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    Who all here is into making crafts and stuff like that. I used to make bracelets and necklaces but I have not done that for while. What are you girls making these days?
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    Devil Music

    Well I have seen a lot of videos on youtube as you may have already guessed, but this one takes the cake. I don't know what is the driving force to make such a strange and eclectic video, but maybe it is just Satan! Satan and you Satanist Antagonizers Bite My Dust! YouTube - Satan and you...
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    American Idol

    Do you think that we have already seen the next american idol? Who out of the folks that have already auditioned on the show do you think has what it takes to win?
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    Fishnet Stockings

    Can any girls here get away with wearing these things? I used to love them when I was in high school, but I just don't think that they look good on me anymore
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    Your Favorite Song

    This thread is just an on going list of what your favorite song is, you are welcome to post again as it changed daily or what ever. Just what are you listening to right now? I have been listening to Tom Waits.
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    Google Still Growing

    I was reading an article about google, apparently they are still growing and getting more of the search market in the US. They say that they now have 63.5 percent of the US search market, and that is up from 58.5 percent last year! here is the original article : Google Gobbled Up 90 Percent...
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    I don't really think about death much, but my grandfather is dying from some sort of fibrosis in his lungs and I think his time is coming near. I just hope it is painless for him.
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    Who Has There Own Youtube?

    I was interested to see how many members are on youtube and more specifically how many post there own videos there. I am thinking about starting a video blog, so I wanted to see what other people are doing.
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    The Break Up

    So my brother is going through a breakup with his girlfriend. He is a grown man and this is not a problem itself, but he does have a child with the girl he is breaking up with. I don't know what will happen to my niece, she is only 2 and where mom is moving to is over 3 hours a way, I hope...
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    I am so sick it is ridiculous. I have been sick for 2 days now and I can no longer taste food. I wish I would hurry up and get better, my face feels like it is going to implode! OK sorry for whining, but I just had to complain to somebody, I am home all alone right now.
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    Mr. Bean - Gotta Love Him!

    I don't know if there are any Mr. Bean fans here or not, but I have always loved his humor and I love how he can make you laugh without even speaking! Well I guess he does say a couple words, but here is a good one of his skits. YouTube - mr bean funny humour
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    Bono to release Spider Man Musical

    I know it sounds crazy and that is, well because it is crazy. You know the band U2, yes their lead singer Bono has a work in progress Musical based on Spider Man. What do you all think about this? here is an article on the topic : U2 have announced that their Spiderman musical will be ready...
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    Interactive Card Trick Video

    I know that this one is kind of cheesy, but I think that the idea behind the interactive videos like this on will really change the way that youtube and other sites like this are used, check it out below! YouTube - Interactive card trick
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    Need Help Parallel Parking?

    If so, then ford has exactly what you need. Ford plans on offering a new feature starting on there Lincoln models, called "active park assist" that will in essence, park your vehicle for you! I need this on my car for sure, I hate parallel parking. Here is the whole article : Ford’s New...
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    I know that monster.com has to be one of the biggest out there, but it seems that I don't get much response from that site any more. I used to get all sorts of responses a few years ago. Have any other girls noticed a decline in results from this site?