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  1. Solitaire

    Christmas/Holiday Wishes

    To all members and friends both old, present and for those to come may I wish each and every one of you Please do take care and stay safe Solitaire
  2. Solitaire

    A Huge Buying Faux Pas!

    Today I did a really silly thing and allowed my heart to rule my head, it must be something to do with the hot weather we are experiencing here at the moment! Whilst on a shopping trip with my elder sister we came across an end of season sale in one of our favourite clothing stores. Among a...
  3. Solitaire


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  4. Solitaire

    Christmas Wishes

    Both Jack And I Wish Members Old And New
  5. Solitaire

    A Common Bra Problem

    Right girls, am quite sure we have all had this infuriating and embarrassing problem from time to time, to which I can never see an answer to. Just how do we stop the outline of our bras (vbl's) showing through our tops? Today I bought the most lovely pink top and although I did notice the...
  6. Solitaire

    Christmas Greetings

  7. Solitaire

    The Clothes We Forgot We Bought/Have!

    Lol...Whilst having a few quiet moments to myself today (Before our big bonfire/fireworks/halloween night) I was looking through some of my old threads/posts on another forum that I used to belong to, when I came across one that I posted over three years ago. At the time I was showing off my...
  8. Solitaire

    Halloween Plans

    With Halloween night fast approaching I was just wondering what you girls have got in mind, or what you may be getting up to. Dressing up, partying, trick or treating etc. This year Jack (my fiancé) and I have decided to combined both Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night (Nov. 5th) in order to have...
  9. Solitaire

    Ideas or Suggestions

    Right girls, I guess it's about time you all know that I will be getting married next year (13th Sept.2014). It will be a traditional White Wedding with all the usual trimmings, held in our village church...The reception will be held in huge marquees, situated on our very nice neighbours flat...
  10. Solitaire

    Bra Fastening Poll

    Whilst having a coffee morning with some of the girls, we somehow or other got onto the subject of how we each fasten our bras......I know, the subjects we girls can talk about! lol So for a bit of fun as well as satisfying curiosity, I thought I would just enquire as to how you fasten your...
  11. Solitaire

    Your Urgent Attention Please

    I regret to say that over the past few weeks I have been receiving some very disturbing and quite frightening PM's from several extremely upset members of the forum. It sadly appears that a certain member has been sending out these PM's asking for seriously personal details....Such as age...
  12. Solitaire

    New Year Greetings

  13. Solitaire

    Infraction for Jss3b: Inappropriate Language

    Post: hi i'm westley User: Jss3b Infraction: Inappropriate Language Points: 1 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
  14. Solitaire

    Forum up and running!

    Wow....With fingers crossed, after quite some time it would appear that the forum is once again up and running. :) Hope you will all start threading and posting again, very soon indeed. :)
  15. Solitaire

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone. After many weeks away due to personal issues, hopefully with everything crossed, I can slowly make my return here again. My most grateful thanks to Joanna for holding the reigns without any notice, and I can see of course that she has done an excellent job, and that we have an...
  16. Solitaire

    What's under your bed?

    How embarrassing to admit that having just got my boyfriend to move the bed, I am ashamed to say that I have found the following :- 3 pairs of shoes 1 pair of tights 3 bras 1 pair of panties 1 hair band 2 lipsticks 1 belt 1 handbag Loads of old tissues including a box An earring...
  17. Solitaire

    Important Notice

    Hi everyone. As you might have noticed, or not, I have volunteered for the time being to take on the role of "Super Moderator" with a view to hopefully cleaning and tidying up this forum. In doing so I hope that this might encourage you all to perhaps taking a more active role in getting...
  18. Solitaire

    Hi & Hello

    Hi everyone my name is Solitaire (that's my real name by the way) and I hope very much that I will be made very welcomed here and will have lots of fun joining in some of the threads and perhaps making some other interesting ones as well. Hope to hear from you all very soon indeed. :)