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  1. JaydeD


    Gonna revive this thread and show you my kittens. Meet Sammy (3 yrs) and Boris (3 yrs). I found them both near my apartment, I guess someone just wanted to get rid of them. They were dirty and covered with fleas. I tried to clean them and washed them, though it took a while to get rid of fleas...
  2. JaydeD

    Any Car Girls Here?

    :)When I was younger I was dreaming about Jeep. But now I think it's too expensive to buy fuel for such a big car. Besides, I live in a big city and thus there's lots of road traffic. That's why I sold my old Ford and got a 300cc motorcycle with a small cargo trailer. This allowed me both to...
  3. JaydeD

    Safety tips for girls while traveling alone

    I loved these tips, OP. I also guess the key here is proper planning before the trip. You should spend some time reading guides, forums, etc about the country and the place you want to visit each time. Then you can proceed to pack things. I always carry with me some extra money, extra cellphone...
  4. JaydeD

    Marijuana - yes or no?

    I heard about numerous researches and they all contradict each other... Anyway, I think that a prescription for small doses can really help you. My grandmother has a doctor's prescription for insomnia and severe joint pain. As for me, I suffer from anxiety and my doc advised me to have a small...
  5. JaydeD

    How many of your girls grill

    When I moved to my own house the first thing I bought for my backyard was a small bbq grill and oven. Though, I must admit that I'm terrible at cooking though the only dishes I can cook properly are noodles, steaks and pepperoni pizza (mostly frozen). Thanks to the internet I have access to...
  6. JaydeD

    How Did You Find GirlsForum?

    Same here.
  7. JaydeD

    Gender neutral bathrooms- your take?

    That's a good point. By the way, I remembered I saw a pair of portable toilets like these mentioned near a camping site in Norfolk. They were literally the same inside and outside just had different labels from men and women. For me, I don't really matter about gender neutral bathrooms, for me...
  8. JaydeD

    How to deal with your job?

    A cup of hot coffee and morning exercises help me to cope with Mondays
  9. JaydeD

    Coconut Oil For Scars

    Coconut oil works as a great moisturizer, I was using it mostly as a mask for my hair and scalp. It also works with small acne scars, but anything more serious it won't work.
  10. JaydeD

    Favorite type of music

    I listen to everything.
  11. JaydeD

    Vampire diaries girl

    So true ^^
  12. JaydeD

    Winter is coming! Time for a wardrobe refresh!

    This would be useful for the next winter! Thanks!
  13. JaydeD

    Ponytails - yes or no?

    Ponytails for life!